Stormy Eyes

Tear drop

Rain drop

Oh so slowly to the ground

I gather you in my hand

Like a farmer at harvest

But I am inundated with you

And your presence

And presents like flowers

And refreshing summer days

Dancing in your territory

Allowing you to fall on me

But without weighing me down

Oh you refreshing energy

It brings science to the mind

Because who cannot escape the purity

The clarity

Of life

Falling from the sky

Rain drop

Tear drop

Don't cry heaven anymore

My dear rain

I rejoice in your tears

And that just makes you sadder

So they fall down harder

And faster

And longer

To where I can hear the rumble of your gasps

You drown yourself and cannot breathe

I can see the smiling light draining from your eyes

That life draining from your eyes

Those tears

I reach to grab and feel your pain



They are all the same