Down I fall

You don't have to wander

I just discovered tonight

We're alright

I'll stay by your side

And you're stay by mine for tonight

It's alright

Our thoughts are raining

The ones we always wanted to say

It's ok

We both feel the say way

Inside and out

It's so true

I love you

Promise me this single thing

Will you always stay by me?

Won't you please

There's something about you

That I just don't want to loose

It's so true

So won't you stay with me

And always keep me safe and warm

I'm so torn

Between the life I live and

The one where I want to be

That's just me

And all that I can say

Is that you brought out the real me

Can't you see

You changed me forever

And this is the way that I'll stay

All the way

And if you leave me

There's only one way I can stall

Down I fall