This Girl

She stands in front of the mirror waiting to die

Her grim face is all that shines

Scars and scrapes cover her arms and legs

She tightens her grip on the razor blade

The razor is held in her right hand

Her skin is weak with the color of sand

She lifts it up to her left wrist

A slight tingle and no one will miss

This girl

She slowly falls down to the floor

Her blood cries out towards the door

The room sways back and forth hypnotizing

This little girl is slowly dying

Little by little it soon goes black

She's still suffering despite the fact

Her mother's there

But all she can do is stare at

This girl

She could of lived longer I know

But she was forgotten long ago

They won't cry for her absence

They won't die to make her return

On that marble floor she still lies

In that bathroom a young girl dies

Don't let this happen ever again

Do what ever it takes to protect

This girl