Tomorrow she'll be okay

Better then she was today

The blood will dry

She won't even remember how hard she cried

The blades will melt into her hands

And she won't fall downthe next time she stands

A smile will grace her taintedlips

No more frequent guilt trips

Her memories will leave her mind

She relax a little just to unwind

The tub she filled with her regrets

Washes down the drain and everyone forgets

The scars will heal

And her pain no longer real

You'll wish you said those words aloud

Stop being so stubborn and too damn proud

Her arms are weak

Her soul too tired to speak

The gates of hell await her arrival

God can't forgive her lack of survival

Her family and loved ones will never know

How hard she tried to let things show

To swallow the tears she knew to well

But it's too late, now she rots in hell.

AN: not to sure if I like this one. But It was something to do.