February 21 is a day to remember, it was the day that my mother was set free.

It was the day children were born and

Long lost loved ones returned.

It was the day someone adopted a baby

And it was supposed to rain but it didn't.

It was your Childs first word

Birds learned to fly

And your son learned to swim

It was the day you rode your new bike

It was the day you got your first pet

But most of all it was the day an angel found peace and earned a new set of wings.

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who is here. I couldn't have made it though this with out you. We are all here for the same reasons to show our respect to a very important person, my mom. Most of you know her as Annie. My mother is a great person. She did so much for the world she was so forgiving. She'd take in a million cats and buy them food before she would for herself. She could light up any day with her gorgeous crystal blue eyes. She has a sense of humor that you don't see to often anymore. But what most people don't know is how much courage she had. She was always there for me and my sisters even when we did her wrong. She went though a battle of her own everyday and suffered more than anyone I knew, but she wouldn't let that get her down she was a fighter up until the very end were fate took things into its own hands. So don't cry because she is gone because she is not. In fact she is in this very room smiling at us because she is happy and that is the way it should be.

AN: this was what I wrote and read at my mothers mass. I have been debating on whether to put this up or not, but since I put a lot of other things that were a lot more personal I decided I would. I hope you enjoy reading it.