Author's Note: Just to warn you one last time, this is slash, shouen-ai, not really yaoi. It has gay guys. Later it'll prolly have gay chicks, I'm not sure yet. Anyways, I really don't much give a snark about your views on homosexuality, and I don't want your flames. IF you have a problem with this kind of thing, keep it to yourself and let me live my life. (And yes, I know my writing is meh at best. Any tips are appreciated.) Jurt belongs to a freind, and is borrowed with permission.

Jurt shivered in his coat and leaned into me. It was icy cold out, with a brisk wind. It even looked cold, with strong moonlight reflecting blue on the sand and leaving silver trails on the water. It was a kind of hard beauty, like some may find in snowy nights, but it was beauty nonetheless. "How can you come out here in that?" he demanded, glaring at my bare arms and feet.

"Not everyone is a snake like you," I teased him. "Some of us can stand a little cold." My feet were numb, but there was no way I was telling him. He was being ridiculous. Who wears a ski jacket, gloves and earmuffs on a Florida beach, even if it is winter? As long as you didn't go jump in the water you were fine.

"Well, it isn't my fault you're abnormally warm," he grouched, elbowing me in the gut. Of course, his coat was so thick that I hardly knew it was an elbow. I grabbed the arm.

"You just haven't adjusted yet!" I informed him, pulling his glove off. "See? It's nice out!" My efforts earned me a whack with the shell bucket.

"I don't know why I bother with you. You're just an insolent little twerp who likes to watch others suffer," he muttered, straightening his glove and standing up. "I'm going back. I'll see you when you get home." As he reached for the bucket, I grabbed his hand.

"Come on. Just try getting used to it. It's not like you can't warm right up at home," I pleaded, tugging at his arm. "Look, the sky is so clear. It's hardly ever this clear in summer. Just stay."

"And what do I get out of it?" he asked with a sly glance.

"I dunno," I said carelessly. "Tell me tomorrow." It was tonight that mattered to me. Tomorrows would come and go, but there was only one tonight.

"Fine." With that he yielded to my insistent hand and sprawled across the sand beside me. "I know gloves and earmuffs have to go, but do I have to loose the jacket?"

"Yes," I said sulkily. "I know you have a sweater under there."

"Fine," he repeated, struggling out of his coat before dropping it on my head. "But I am not keeping still."

We strolled down the beach, watching silver lace pull at the pristine sand, observing the ghost crabs fleeing before us. I felt a sort of obligation to speak, since I had contrived this walk. However, there was nothing for us to talk about. So I watched Jurt, who was staring up at the tree line. "You know, most people don't imagine saw palmetto thickets right beside the beach," he murmured. I had forgotten that he had only been to the urban outskirts of Tampa, never to the wilder, older side of Florida we were visiting. "They generally forget to add in the driftwood and tree stumps, too. How odd."

"Mmmhmm. I guess they forget the sarcastic, bitter INSERT TERM OF ENDERMENT HEREs, too," I said, leaning in to taste the sardonic smile on his lips. He tasted like whiskey and salt and maraschino cherries. Despite his complaints, I noticed that his skin was really quite warm, however he may complain.

Later, I suspected that he had been fooling me to get his way, but that was all right. I didn't mind much. He made it hard to mind.