I read in silence. The occasional glance to my left, as I flipped through the pages of my book.

I watched as your sweet form lay curled up on the opposite side; covers wrapped around you like a soft cocoon, as the pillows seemed to consume you in the world that had taken you.

I was making sure that no harm had come to you. I was ready to fight, if needed, and ward off any evils that may, or may not come out to 'play' in the midnight hours.

Not a word was said, but the faint echoes of the peepers outside; and the occasional hum of the TV screen; the light from that very object seeming to wrap around you like moonlight- the silvery glow making you sparkle even more so in the nightly setting.

You did not know it, but I leaned forward, and whispered sweet nothings into your very soul; praying and hoping that in some way, you could hear me. Hoping that you had loved me as much as I loved you.

Making sure that never again any darkness would enter your golden heart.

I am powerless in the sense of mortality, for I am merely a ghost passing through this realm of the living. A spirit that must take home in a physical body to ever be able to touch, feel, speak, and contact you in a way that you would know I'm there.

Only the feeling of a winter wind, or a few flashing lights would be my ways of speaking if not inhabited in this vessel. This life force that allows me to be with you; borrowed from my boss, and friend.

Society frowned upon us; but we didn't care. The world called us 'crazy,' and said we were sinful- but, alas, we did not listen. We moved on from their whispers, and hatred, and found a solace in each other.

We were soul mates.

You were my angel; my savior; and myself your rock, and shooting star.

You spoke often of being 'damaged goods,' but I never saw that. I saw a lifetime of darkness, and being burned by the fires of which many of us call 'conditional love;' but I did not, nor did I ever see anything in the face of being beyond saving.

I met you through my job; and through the person in which hired me to take a job here.

I remember- your eyes were so listless; so dull; so lifeless. You didn't care if you woke up to see the next sunrise- for she had hurt you so badly; and you had loved her so greatly.

As time went on; I got to know you. And eventually: I fell in love with you.

You were, and are my first, and only. Never had this solitary spirit ever held anyone in such great honors. I never had thought of anyone but myself; and isolated myself from ever wishing to be with another soul. Especially a mortal one.

Inside lies an immortal spirit, I know; but, I also know that someday; your beautiful shell will be gone; and I will be forced to look for you. I'll be forced to seek you out in the spirit world; if the releasing of your spirit takes you to someplace else.

But, fear not, my darling: I will find you. Wait for me.

The night when we first made love- I was overjoyed.

Inside, I was crying: Outside, I was smiling.

You touched me so gently; you held me to yourself so warmly. Just like I was some important, fragile crystal ball that would break at the wrong touch. And you made me feel loved, and cherished, and whole: Something I had never felt before in my very life.

I was protecting you; and you protecting me. Just like it should be.

The night I finally swallowed my fears, and revealed all to you was fantastic. You understood, and responded to what most would call 'crazy' so wonderfully.

From then on- I knew it was love. That I, the lonely poltergeist, was finally in love.

And I wasn't about to let go. I'll never let you go.

Because of being two entirely different 'creatures,' we have had our share of differences, and beliefs: But, through it all: We end up together. The facts of our kinds not working out seemed to shatter right then, and there. It didn't matter anymore. I was complete; and you had saved me.

It was at night that I watched you. I was always there with you, holding you; watching you in dreams; and making sure that no one could hurt you. I guess you could say I was your 'guardian angel,' but, again: I am no angel.

You may not always see me; but I am always here, my angel. Always watching, always caring, always healing, always loving.

I've never left your side, and I never will. That's a promise you can take to whatever grave I may be laid in someday.

I see you in my dreams; and I know that you're never far away. The love, and light I have for you only grows stronger with each coming dawn of new day. It is endless; and it is yours.

I'm a ghost with unfinished business; and that 'business' is you. I finally know what has kept me here all this time; and why I had to face such darkness in my mortal life; and in the midst of my afterlife.

My hardships were worth it. Getting this job was worth it. Dying itself was worth it: Because it brought me to you.

And now that I'm here- I'm here for all time.

So, fear not, moonlight angel- for you are safe. Wrapped up in the icy arms of this pink-haired spirit. The one in which has no physical body: But, loves you in spite of it.

Dream of wonderful things; be healed by the soothing rays of the night; and awaken to meet the eyes of your beloved.

I've found my eternal peace, darling; and I'm forever here to stay.

Okay, so I finally managed to drag my ass away from Maximo to write this. What inspired it? Well, the man behind it- and Graven's beautiful poem to Mandy. :) If some of the wording is off, I apologize. It's late, I'm tired; but, I wanted to put something out here…since it's been an eternity since anyone has updated any writings…and…I felt the need to because…I'm a chick in love. ;) Anyway, now go make me a happy chica and review, alright? Love to all! :)