"That dog tag was taunting as he leaned over me

Swinging back and forth as if to say 'this one is mine'

Just another reminder that he's leaving,

Not yet two months from today

And my heart broke when he looked into my eyes;

Such love as I had never seen.

Worse yet, there was sadness in his kiss,

A kind of pain I had never felt,

And that very kiss brought me to tears

Knowing that soon I would be longing

To feel his lips against mine,

That in the dead of night, when I will reach out for his hand

He will not be lying beside me.

Though it's only for a short time

It looms upon me,

Unbearable, as it seems.

And I,

So desperate to hold onto every moment

I make myself forget

That part of this is for me,

As he tries so hard

To save what little soul I have left.

I'd give that up to keep him here!

But the thought of my selfishness makes me sick,

Guilty, as I mangle the dream he's always had.

Jarrett, my love,

Could you forgive me for hating this so?

For worrying about what could go wrong?

It's only because, my dearest one,

That I'm too in love to let you go.

But, alas, I will

When that dreary moment creeps up to tease me,

And know, I will remain here

My heart beating in rhythm with yours,

Until you return to claim me again."