1Wisdom of The Mind

Once again, I am not a Philosopher, I am just a sixteen year old guy and I am writing this as a sequel or a parallel to my previous work Wisdom of the Heart, If you have not read it go read it first! Knowledge is the best offence and the best defense. The mind is your only place of solace, so keep it free of clutter. Avoid wandering thoughts, instead focus. The mind is a huge labyrinth, so when you go exploring it keep your magic yarn with you. The key to life is a focused determined mind. The mind is cold exact and calculating, therefore do not contemplate love with it. Your mind is only what you fill it with. Love with your heart, think with your mind.

Ignorance is a darkness cast aside by the wise man with the illumination of knowledge. The mind is your most steadfast ally, use it well. Wisdom comes from the soul, but the path to the soul is through the mind and heart. Think well on the vast secrets of existence, for therein lie the keys to bliss. The intellectual's secret is: The hunger for answers is greater than any question. The mind is the greatest creator and the greatest destroyer. The way we judge others is programmed into our minds, great is the person who can change it. To build, one must learn first to destroy. To the girls, I say do not read trashy romance novels for they dull the mind and the senses. The mind is the deepest chasm, and even the greatest philosopher has only begun to delve into the mind. If war is not natural, then why are we born with the two greatest wepons, faith and intellect, at birth? One must wonder why the Creator plauged the majority of humanity with the inability to reconcile faith with science, they are connected, you cannot have one without the other. For in science one studies God's creations and through them catches glimpses of the Creator, because no creator can build something without putting some of himself/herself into it and in Theology one studies God and through him knows his creations. These are just my thoughts for today, thanks for reading. If this made you think then it has served its purpose.