im about to cry these -crystal clear reflections- of honesty
that you swallowed up along with my virginity and
i want it backi want it back but you sneer greedy slimey eyes
...laughing ( it makes me choke) as you watch me crumble and people
listen to what you have to say and refuse to give me
back the things i know could
save me
and the way you touch my leg is like apple pie, delicously
warm with home picked apples from the garden but then it
starts to grow so sticky and cold and i think i might just
because i bit into a part of you i never
wanted to see.
and your taste won't go stupid girl
your taste is always going to be there just like the
drip drop pin point of all my anger youthrew to
me stupid girl i caught every last drip of it and
im still drowning today. and like i
predicted you refuse to give me back the things
I Know will save me