i unpeel my eyelids
like daisy petals
and tip toe into
the disaster i created
ready to clean it up but
like always i get distracted
with yet another
intoxicating issue
ready to wrap me up
spit me back
out: glorified,
oh-so-splendidly rotten
and just a tad neurotic.

so i sigh roll my eyes reapply my lies
and im getting sick
of feeling
fed up.
and once again im stuck
in something i don't want,
and to make matters worse
There he is.
and hes smiling and
im practically s c r e a m i n g
out everything i can
think of to kidnap
his attention but
hes just smiling
and helplessly hopelessly limp
i collapse
resign to the tragic fact
that to him i'll always be
a shade invisible and
a million and one
dandelion wishes wont
ever change that.