Rain drops danced upon the fern leaves. Dripping gracefully down their spines, like shivers of fright and terror. The rain has long since ceased. Over the noise of a waterfall a voice as radiant and beautiful as the moon could be heard. The mist from the waterfall rolled softly across the lake, in the midst of the fog a lone figure sat. The mist slowly cleared. A girl perched herself on a large rock in the middle of the lake. She sang loud enough to be heard barely over the waterfall. She stopped singing, all was deafened by its roar. She stood slowly, her petite figure dark against the white spray of the falls.

Birds fluttered franticly from the canopy in fear. Her long pointed ears twitched at the squawking they mustered over head. Her neck snapped to her right, the trees and underbrush trembled violently. She waved her hand over herself and she dissipated into mist. Deep crimson eyes peered through the ebony darkness of the forest. Crashing menacingly through was a small scouting brigade of demons. In a low growl the leader spoke, "that elven half-breed was last seen heading this way" he grunted harshly. The others wandered around the misty lake in search for their target, weapons drawn.

"There's no one here, she must have moved on by now." One of the demons shouted from the opposite end of the lake. "Here are foot prints that look to be hers" he pointed to do the ground. The demon captain grunted in frustration as he approached the other, with the third demon not far behind. Their reflections twisted and distorted on the hazy surface of the lake. They gathered around the footprints, the captain kneeled down to examine them.

"These are fresh tracks" he exclaimed in perverse sadistic joy. A grin crawled across his face at his torturous thoughts. He stood and pointed into the forest near them. "She went this way. Lets move quickly before she gains more distance between us." He spoke and dashed in the forest, the other two demons close behind. They disappeared into the thick and tangled underbrush.

The footprints in the soft mud vanished as if they were never there. From the mist a dark figure became revealed. She walked calmly on the lake. Her feet gracefully swept the rippled surface. She reached the grassy shore and stepped cautiously onto it. Her feet weren't so much as damp. It was as if the lake had been solid ground under her feet. When both of her feet were firmly planted on the shore she glanced in the direction that the demon scouts had traveled. She slowly reached into her pouch, withdrawing a deck of Tarot cards from inside. She brought the deck to her lips and gently kissed it. "Thank you once again for saving me." She whispered to the deck. She smiled at her deck and replaced it within her pouch. "Fate has more in stored for us then death by royal decree." She slowly dissipated into thin air as the last word rolled off her tongue and a grin wove it's way on her beautiful face.