What happens when there's the opportunity for land and power? People fight, of course. Anyone with a history book can see that. When the Americas were discovered, everyone fought for the prize. There are gold rushes, war, and conflict in the history of the human race.

My name is Rio Hawkins, and I'm a bounty hunter. Yeah, I'm quite young to be a bounty hunter, but when the only other way to rake in some cash is to become a member of the IPPF or navy, no one cares. You don't even need a license for this kind of work.

I'm sixteen and I have a small ship, El Gato Negro. Or, in English, The Black Cat. Please don't ask about the name of the ship. It wasn't my idea to name it that. My mom made me name it that, in honor of a cat she had as a kid. Guess what color it was.

Anyways, as a bounty hunter, I get into loads of trouble. But I've never gotten into a lot of trouble, 'til I turned seventeen. That was the day I met Jo Fernandez. Jo, unfortunately for me, was a freelance reporter…

Guess what she almost reported.

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