I fucking hate you

All of you

I don't cry just to make myself feel better you know

I cry because I want you to listen

I cry so you can fucking help me

But you won't you refuse

Well you know what fuck you all

I can't wait till you find my breathless body

Head blown to shit all over the wall

Your precious house will reek of dead meat

I know for a fact you won't bother to look for days

Clean up the mess your self bitch

And don't you dear show your disgusting fucking face at my mass

Fucking bitch I fucking hate you

Where the fuck are the people I love

Why can't you see it?

Why do you fucking ignore it?

Well guess what assholes

I found a new toy today

I haven't played with it for awhile so I'm going to make up for lost time

It feels good to bleed again

It feels good to know I can still feel

Fucking assholes I hope you're happy

I'll never forgive you

And don't forget to smile while you pick up the pieces of me on the floor.

AN: I guess you can say I had a bad night, I won't go into detail.