I suffer in the shadows
My self worth falling fast.
Fear of failure haunts my mind
I can't let go of the past.

I try with every ounce of might
To do the best I can.
But sometimes I feel I'm slipping
It's like being hit by a speeding van.

Scared and alone
Huddled on the ground
I await my destiny.
I await doom.

In a fog of gloom I sit and scream
Crying inside and out.
It's not your fault, they say to me
But try as I might, I cannot that believe.

Judgment day is calling
Evaluation time is near.
I hope my world is not too badly amiss
But in deep dark fear, away I drift.

Wanting more from myself.

But how much of myself can I give?
Why does this make it so hard to live?
My worst fears are about to be confirmed
Or so I strongly fear.