The Darkness of Loneliness by writerforever

You are filled with sadness

You are filled with hate

You think that the whole world is against you

You think that no one cares

You think "Who will be there for me?"

"Who will comfort and care for me?"

You cry tears of anger

Tears of sorrow

Tears of hatred

They stream down your face

You consume pills in hopes that it will help you somehow

You fear the night and its demons

You fear the future

You think everyone has turned against

You think even I have turned against you

You think that your heart is on its own

God give me courage to show you that you are not alone

God give me the strength to show you that you are loved

You mustn't feel alone and lost in this world of darkness

For I will love you

I will care for you

I will cry with you

I will always be there in your time of despair