And I thought I was truly happy

I thought it was all for real

What a fool I was to believe they were happy

It's all been a lie

And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home

No I can't find my way home

Cos I'm stuck in this castle, which is the place of my dreams

But I've outstayed my welcome and the people I worship want me gone

I've lost track of myself

Where the hell did I go?

Where is that person I used to know?

Why do I care about what others think?

My confidence is gone.

Why do I now conform?

I've lost my individuality- I'm just another bitch.

And I've got nobody to comfort me

And I can't find my way home

Give me these moments back

Give them back to me

Let me relive it- walk around that hole I fell into

So I wouldn't be such a fool

Cos it's all been a lie

A lie that is my life

Can't believe I fell for it

And stayed for so long

I'm not a friend, just a nuisance

Just someone to take to the movies

Just the smart chick to give them the answers

But what if I need help?

I'm stuck to the floor.

But they don't stop to help me

They just walk over me- pushing me further down

So now I'm a theif- a common criminal

It's memories that I'm stealing

Something to hold onto while I plunge into the dark.

But then I see a light- it's her- the sparkling diamond

An angel- I can see her- all she wants is trust

Is she for real? I don't want to be used again

I never make the right decision- how can I do what's right?

I don't know where to begin

I don't want to hear it again

I don't believe anymore

What if she'd just like the others- those people I used to know?

The day I realised they weren't laughing with me the sky grew dark

So do I take the hand of the angel?

Maybe she really wants to help?

But how do I trust when I gave trust to the others and they threw it in my face?

But without help, how can I find my way home?

Cos I can't find my way home.