Losing My Favourite Game

By: n ig h t s h u n t e r

Chapter One: The Introduction

A/N: This is my first hand at something that so much as resembles a romance so be kind. Ah hell what do I care flame your heart out if you wish I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech. Sorry if the chapter is short or boring things will definitely heat up later on.

"So girl, it's your pick." Lilly said, hooking her arm through mine.

"I know. It's so hard. How do you choose?" I replied, this was my first time in picking a recruit.

"Just pick some one you think is hot. Not that you are going to find any one here."

"There might be a diamond in the rough. You said outcast right?" They were at the schools art competition, 'Art for the students by the students' the council who put this event together couldn't possibly have come up with a sadder more worn out slogan. It was almost as if they didn't want people to show up.

"Not an outcast. Just some one less popular then us. That's almost any one though."

"Gee, modest much?"

"Just the truth." Most people think Lilly is a snob, meaning every shallow word that she said. I found out how wrong that belief was when I became her friend. It was all a joke about peoples perceptions of her. Playing for her public she called it.

They moved on to the next artist. A freshman experimenting in abstract art.

"Moving on." Lilly whispered. I caught sight of an exhibit in the corner. It had a small crowd in front of it. Larger then in front of any other exhibit though. Some were portraits of people, others were cartoonish, like the Japanese anime.

From the way this guy leaned against the wall next to the exhibit seemingly bored with the entire ordeal I assumed he was the artist.

He was definitely cute in a way that I'd only admit to Lilly to being attracted to. Black hair cut in a spiky, rock star kind of way, very tall, six foot three or four, it was hard to tell by the way he was slouching. He wore baggy clothes, the army print pants had been cut off just below the knees and had chains hanging off them, and a baggy black sweatshirt.

"Hey, there's Donna. Wait here ok." Lilly whispered, going over to hug a girl I had only been introduced to at a party. I walked over to the boys exhibit and completely forgot about him as I checked out the art.

"Wow," what caught my eye was a painting in anime style of an angel. It was a view of her back she was naked and sitting cross legged on a bench.

"A lot of people have complained that I didn't draw it front on." I jumped as the cute guy appeared beside me, he was cuter close up, his eyes were almost silver.

"Didn't know how to draw her front on?" I tried to raise my eyebrow in the suggestive way Lilly did, I figured I was doing it wrong and turned back to the painting to hide my blush.

"I couldn't draw a face that fit."

"I like it this way, it's like she has something to hide, you know?"

"That sounds better then my reason."

"I'm Ana." Blurted out as we fell into an awkward silence.

He rolled his eyes, "I think I've heard of you." He said dryly. I glared at him, he said it as if I were sort of evil popular kid from a movie.



"My name." I blushed feeling stupid.

"I really like your style." He raised his eyebrow in a more successful way then I had tried earlier, I added hastily. "Art. I like your style of paining. You're the best here." I stumbled over my words, hoping the hole I was digging with my words would swallow me up.

"Thanks, the art teacher forced me to enter."

"You wanted to deprive us the people of such art?"

He shrugged, "I hate answering peoples questions."


"Why is she naked? Why isn't she facing us? Why draw in cartoons? Who is that a portrait of?"

"Ok, getting the idea."

"Hey girl, who is your new friend?"

"Hey Lilly, this is Lukas, Lukas this is Lilly." She looked him over then looked at me and smiled. He gave her a barely perceptible nod, for a second he looked annoyed, but my eyes must have been playing tricks on me.

"Well Lukas you are the toast of the show."

"and a great show it is."

"But the toast none the less." I felt as if I faded into the background, Lilly didn't mean it, with her short blonde hair and long legs, I've yet to meet a girl who didn't fade next to Lilly. Anyway she was doing a much better job then my stilted attempt at conversation.

"So do you like to party?" She asked, hooking her arm through mine and using the chance to nudge me in the ribs.

"I guess. I haven't been here too long so I haven't heard of anything good."

"Well," I started slowly, making my presence known again, "Lily's having a party on Saturday do you want to come? Celebrate your success?"

"Sure. If it is cool with you." He asked Lilly.

"Technically it is Ana's party. It's just at my house." Lilly replied with a sly grin on her face.

"Makes sense. Any special occasion?"

"Just an end of term party. Here is my address, you can rock up any time after eight." Lilly handed him a slip of paper.

"Why am I not surprised you would pick a guy like that." Lilly said during our next class together.

"hat? He is cute."

"I'm not denying it. You definitely found your diamond in the rough."

"so what's wrong?"

"Are you sure you want to play the game with him?"

"A recruit? I wasn't even thinking that when I asked him."

"To late girl."

A lot of people know of the game. There wasn't much to it. Find an unpopular person of the opposite sex and invite them to a party and see if they can be molded into part of the group. Lots of people say it is debasing, yet no one had ever turned down an invite. Even knowing that close to no one gets chosen to stay. The twist is though that if the person who picks you decides they want you to be part of the group they sleep with the recruit. It sounds very weird for the beginning of a friendship but the girl who was recruited before me – the only other successful recruit – is now dating the guy who recruited her.

Rumors abound about the actual sleeping with part of the deal. Some say that we sleep with all the candidates or that our parties are like giant orgies. No one at this school would believe me if I said I was a virgin.

I found a loophole in the system, Brad, the guy who chose me, didn't like me so much to start with, but Lilly did. So she slept with Brad, they used to date apparently, and that is OK by the rules.