Author Notes: This story is only a part of my series I've been writing for four years, but I tried to make it so one could catch on to who was who and what from where. (That sounded really gay… Oh well.) If you don't get some factor, e-mail me and I'll help you figure it out… Or say it in a review.

Chapter One, Book 3

The Cats That Challenge The Dogs

A grinding noise of bone against stone echoed throughout the skull-laden chambers of the queen, accompanied by the sudden crashing of boots. General Jyko, a tall powerhouse of strength, was marching down the halls directly to the queen's bedroom. By now, he was used to making the trip down the hallway of which was made not with bricks but bones as the supports. His slit, yellow eyes were staring directly ahead, parallel with the floor below. He was the type of proud man that would never be caught looking down, not even for the queen herself.

Upon reaching the massive wooden doors, encrusted with gold and various other metals and stones, he finally paused. He lifted up a bare arm to pound upon the door, sending the doors that seemed to belong to a giant crashing about on their hinges. He had no time to play the queen's mind games today. Even with that thought buzzing through his head, as well as his arrogance, he did not simply open up the doors.

Inside the room, the Black Queen Anaka was sitting in a daze. Her ice blue eyes had changed from being sharp daggers that pierce the soul into misty clouds. Her hand aimless dragging a finger stripped to bone, belonging to some dead host lying next to her, across the stone headboard. She heard the knocking, not particularly wanting to answer the door. At least, not while she was lying in the nude.

Jyko was only growing more and more impatient, finally breaking the door with a well-aimed punch and causing it to fly open and smack against the wall. He strode into the bedroom, pulling down his red beret-like hat over his eyes. Though, he did not bow his head. A scowl arose from deep within Jyko's throat and he was doing his best to not jump up and drag Anaka with him. She dropped the dead man's arm, looking up at Jyko.

"You know better than to enter my chambers un-announced, general… I didn't want company, today." His eyes narrowed more so than they normally did and he scowled again at her comment. His voice arose, deep and full of sarcasm. "Oh, dear! How horrible of me! To walk into my lover's room after knocking about fifty times! I should have knocked longer!"

Anaka's black lips curled into a mocking pout as she slid out of the bed, moving towards her dresser. The long, thick strands of her somber hair curled down past her shoulders, growing longer with each passing year. So many years now were behind her now! Her ice blue eyes, instead of looking misted over, returned to their dagger-like glare. Her accented voice coming out in what many would consider a hiss as she began to reprimand him.

He listened to her only barely, finally finding a pause in her long-winded speech and reaching out to grab her by the throat. She didn't jerk when he did such, merely glared harder at him, though he got his goal of making her be silent.

Jyko moved within an inch of her face, almost spitting out his words in response. "I did not come to be treated like a child. I came here to tell you to get dressed. Put on your armor, and meet me outside. You have ten minutes. If you aren't back outside of that door by then… I'll let them in."

She forced him to release her, taking a step back and rubbing her throat. She took a moment before responding to his words. "Who exactly will you be letting in?" He simply grinned and ran one of his hands through her hair.

"The cat's that challenge the dogs."