Author Notes: Okay, in this story you're going to find a phrase that you'd need to read the other books to understand. Yecktan. Yecktan is Pelusian for 'send (them/you/it) to death'. Yay, aren't I nice by defining that for you? I deserve a hug!

Ihaka's feet shook beneath him as he scaled down the steps. His arms were waving back and forth frantically as if he were possessed; the dagger he'd had previously was discarded over at that crowd. His body shook all over and a cold sweat began to mingle with the blood that caked the wound on his cheek.

The Pelusian army instinctly began to run up the stair way two at time. They didn't seem to care of Ihaka's flailing but they knew it wasn't a good sign. As soon as the two in front reached Ihaka, they grabbed him each by an arm and cast him over the side of the stairway. The prince hit the ground below, directly at Anaka's feet and crying.

Anaka bent down, running her silken white hand threw the boy's hair and effortlessly lifting his (by human standards) six-year-old sized frame up into her arms. Though, as said previously, Ihaka is in truth ten. For, the Pelusian race physically ages at a very slow rate. Iha was shaking in her arms, scared that he was to be beaten for his failure as he wailed out the events of what was happening upon the wall.

The Black Queen simply shook her head with a faint smile that erupted across her blackened lips. White fangs protruding over the bottom lip as she began nuzzling her nose against his wound directly. Her nose ran along each gash, pushing in so as to cause the boy more pain and also causing Anaka to smile further. Her voice coming out in a mocking hiss.

"Sweet child, calm yourself. They'll come up one at a time, with two men to great them. There's no chance any of them will actually get past my men. It's strategy, sweet child, strategy. You see, we wouldn't put up a staircase if we didn't intend it to be a lure. Not to mention, it's unlikely they'll even make it to the top with their disorder. There's simply nothing to worry about. How about I take you inside, where it's not so noisy?"

The pained boy simply nodded his head vigorously, attempting to pull his cheek away from Anaka's touch. Anaka kissed his cheek, walking towards the giant doors as her somber dress danced about her ankles and hips. A smacking noise arising from her shoulder armor and beneath her skirt as she so. Her icy eyes turned sudden to Jyko, of whom was standing with his hands behind his back.

"General, a military matter has arisen and you're standing about in the doorway? That's practically a treason, not doing your job! You'd best get to the gates immediately," came a warning roar from Anaka as she hissed again. Jyko didn't seem to worry as he moved over next to her, putting out his arms so at to take Ihaka. Anaka glanced at his arms with a humph and handed the bloody wreck of their son to Jyko.

The general stroked the boy's hair, suddenly letting out a dark laugh as he kept his lizard-gaze upon Anaka. He tilted his head faintly to the side as he looked up at the battle erupting upon the wall. "You realize we're outnumbered, my darling? That we're to fall at last? It makes my blood boil to think that you'll be dying at someone else's hands. How about an old fashioned battle? It should toughen the boy up to see his mother die."

Anaka's eyebrows suddenly raised as she turned to view the mess upon the wall. "Outnumbered, and you really think that will stop our army? We've always been outnumbered, Jyko. Didn't you realize that? That's the problem with being a dictatorship with enemies, General. I'm not frightened of death at this crowd's hands, because they've never been strong enough to get within ten feet of me. In fact, I'm so sure of this that I will make a bet with you. You may kill our son as you see fit, if I am wrong and die. He may die in my stead. If I am fine, you will never touch our son again."

Jyko's lips curled into a smile at the deal and he nodded his head, the edge of his hat falling down in front of his eyes as he did such. He brought up a spare hand to fix his hat, laughing to himself. "If you're so confident that our people can withstand them, then why don't you join them atop the wall? I haven't seen you kill in a good long while. It should do you some good to do such; much more entertaining than playing with some dead naked man in your bed?"

She chuckled at the reference to the man's corpse that still resided in her bedchambers. The Black Queen's right hand came up to pet her right shoulder armor; the left hand diving under her dress to retrieve her short-staff from it's sheath on her thigh. The staff reached about 10 inches in length, a knotted and spiraled piece of wood. At the top was a point with a cut put into it. A small ball of some unknown stone was found within an embedded place within the end. She brought the stone to her lips and kissed it, a small spark of blue fire flickering suddenly from within.

"Far game, General. I hope you don't mind I play with my toys, though." Her ice blue eyes became knives as she looked at the still whimpered Ihaka. A cooing sound coming from between her lips as she patted the back of his head. "Aren't toys so fun, my sweet, sweet Iha? Your momma likes to play with toys, too. In fact, how about we get you a toy like hers when she gets back? If she doesn't return, you needent worry over toys any longer."

Ihaka's eyes went wide as he sniffled. "Momma,… I don't want to die!" His voice came up as a shrill whimper and he buried his face back into Jyko's chest. Anaka's eyebrow only raised faintly at the boy, actually seeming to giggle. She gave a wink to Jyko before swirled around and heading towards the stairs. Ever soldier parted out of the way as she did such; none of them wanted to be caught in the Queen's way when she was headed for a fight.

Every stride she took seemed as if she were walking on the air, cringing faintly as she began her typical transformation. Her skin turned a blue-violet color, and her blue and black fish-fin ears poked out from what was now purple colored hair. A pair of silver bat-wings shot out of her back, causing her to jolt and skip only a single step from minor pain. The shimmering wings reflected the blue fire of the staff, causing an effect much like the water does to the sides of a pool. Her violet hair bangs fell before her eyes as she gave another fanged grin, mumbling to herself in Pelusian: "Upon a black heart and silver wings, a battle temper outwards springs."

The noise on the wall actually died down as Anaka's figure was finally seen from the top. She gave a shout that brought tears to her own eyes, and managed to be loud enough to force those on the wall to fall off as it rumbled threatening. Even still, Anaka did not budge. She gave another shout in Pelusian, holding the staff downwards as the temptation to smell burning flesh once more arose from deep within her. She ignored the sensation, laughing as if amused as the people fell silent.

When the Black Queen had finished laughing to herself, she licked her lips and shouted once again, this time in Kyokian. "Why hello, my little kittens! Meow, meow!" She chuckled again, grinning madly. Anaka continued, going in a mad rant and not a single person spoke against her. Their rage had subsided momentarily at the sight of Anaka herself. Anaka was an omen of death.

"It's such a pleasure to have you all here, and all because of me! Certainly, you must love me to throw such a splendid party at my place? Though you know it's quite impolite to throw a party at someone's house without asking someone. I'm afraid you all are going to have to be punished on terms of misbehavior and treason to the proud empire I have let you survive in! Do you hear me? You would not be alive had I not told my army not to kill whom they invade. Would you all go so far as to die for freedom? Do you not realize there is no such thing? Freedom is an illusion! An idol fantasy for fools! Yecktan!"

The final word had everyone puzzled and they began whispering amongst themselves. Anaka grabbed her stomach, laughing wickedly as she repeated the Pelusian word. "Yecktan!" she cried to Hell itself. "Yecktan!" an omen of death found in a word. "Yecktan!" the beginning of an example. An example of sadistic dominance to come.