I'm tired of being
I'm sick of this life I'm living
I just want things to go right
I want to stop the pain
I just want it to go away
My head is spinning
My eyes are blurred
I can't speak
My speech is slurred
I've tried to make things right
I've tried to end this shit
But nothing works for me
I'm on my own in this cold world
I'm alone
I just can't take it anymore
I can't take the jeers,
The comments
The people who fuck with my head
I can't stand the way I feel
I'm trapped inside this shell
With no one to trust
No one to love
Maybe I'm dying
Maybe this will be the end
I want to be strong
But I can't seem to hold on
I'm a fucking mess
So fucking stressed
Tired of the bullshit you feed me
I don't need it
I'm done with this shit