He makes a sacrifice
She never really knows it
he tries to save her life
But she's not interested
He's selfless to extremes
And yet so selfish with it


He gives her everything
And she can't see the meaning
He tries to hold her hand
Makes secrets of his feelings
He's selfish to the bone
So selfish I am reeling

And it's such a crying shame
He needs her and he can't have her again
It's such a tragedy
It's a crying shame

He tells her how he feels
She says he's had his chances
He lets her walk away
And watches as she dances
He's selfish selfless and
He's selfless but he's selfish

It's such a crying shame
She needs him but she thinks he's insane
Another tragedy
And it's such a crying shame


He never questions
Her decisions
She blames herself
What she said, she didn't mean
He never answers
Passing dancers
She wishes he
Would take a chance and dance with her

And it's all such a mess
(to end)