Disappointed Life

Chapter One: Rider

The dark night swallowed the room in its darkness, and the only light shone was through the windows from the faint moonlight. Soft hoof beats were heard in the girl's room. She woke up with a stir and tried to focus her eyes in the dark. She tried with all her might to remember where she was, and then she remembered after long concentration that it was her room. This is going to take some time to get used to she thought.

She turned toward the window to see what was going on outside. Through the window the teenage girl saw a figure riding into the night. Who is that? What's the hurry? she pondered to herself. The girl put on her usual dress attire of a blue blouse, dark blue skirt, boots, and her brown suspenders. Then, she took ribbon and put her hair up into pigtails. Perfect. Now time to spy on that rider thingy she thought.

The girl walked silently out of her room, but before she left the house to explore she went into her sister's room. Carefully she turned the knob and noticed that things were out of place. Her sister's, Alabrith's, stuff was sprawled all over the place. Her clothes were on the floor, the small family portrait was no longer on the wall, and her bed's sheets were untidy. Where's Ally? she thought and then with a fright she saw a note with a message on it. The girl picked up the note and read slowly what it said:

To my family,

I am feeling sorry for about the accident and everyday my guilt keeps catching up to me. Even though you guys tried to give me help to cope with it, I am afraid that what I've done was inexcusable. I hope someday you will forgive me for everything but right now I can't even forgive myself. Please understand that what I am doing right now is probably for the best. I decided to go far away from here where you guys won't have to worry about me. Again I am sorry for what I have done to Cisca and don't come search for me.

With love,

Alabrith Ironflame

Oh no! The girl thought as she realized that the rider must have been her older sister. I must find her and make her feel better. I wonder why she feels bad though, and who's Cisca? Without anymore thought the girl grabbed the note, her diary, and robe. She snuck to the front door, and she twisted the knob. The door opened and she stepped outside. Before she went any further, she turned back and waved to her house a farewell.

"I'll be back with Ally. And when I find her I'll bring her home," she whispered even though no one could hear her. She turned the opposite way and started to walk.