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Chapter Eight: Outbursts

Cookie walked next to Rainbow down the long corridor of happy, yet disturbing, faces. Rainbow went on and on about the rules and regulations, and Cookie just simply smiled and nod. She was actually watching others, who were in this building, and she tried to look for a particular person but her efforts were of no use.

While walking with Rainbow, Cookie became very bored and started to make noises from her mouth.

Pop…Pop… Click…Pop…

Rainbow's steps became slower and slower until she stopped and turned around, "Would you please quiet your mouth?"

Cookie's smile faded and said quietly, "Sorry…" Rainbow then continued her happy mood along with telling her the rules.

Then Cookie felt a thump in her bag that was hanging off her back. Rainbow must've heard it too because she had stopped walking and talking (what a great multitasker) and turned to Cookie to see what was in her bag. Cookie quickly took the bag off her shoulder and opened it to see what caused that noise. When she opened it, Saice flew up into the air and yelled AIR!!! Sweet air! Cookie thought for a moment and then realized it probably wasn't the best idea to put Saice into her bag.

"What is that?" Rainbow asked Cookie, with a look of disgust on her face.

"Oh, that's Saice. She's my butterfly." Cookie smiled.

"You're not supposed to bring in animals. Especially, gross...scary... bugs."

"Are the kids afraid of butterflies?" Cookie questioned.

"No, but I am not fond of them one bit. Childhood trauma."

Cookie just stared at her with confusion written all over her face.

"They're just plain evil. When I was eight years old, my mother told me to go outside and play in the fields. Out of nowhere, those... things... flew from the earth and started to attack me. It was horrible!"

Rainbow's eyes turned into slits as she focused them on Saice. "I will... be right... back," she said to Cookie as she quickly ran into a storage closet. When she came out, she had what looked to be like a net (only it looked like a five year old created it). "You're mine, bug!" Cookie turned to Saice and it began to dawn on her what may ensue next.

Saice flew higher to the ceiling as if she was teasing Rainbow. In turn, Rainbow growled as she tried to lunge into the air. This, however, did not make a certain someone happy. Cookie's anger began to slowly rise up. She could feel her adrenaline rushing through her body. Her hands were made into a fist and she yelled, "Stop!"

She charged at Rainbow in order to prevent Saice from any harm. Rainbow quickly pushed her off of her, but the girl was sent flying to the wall. Her body slammed against it and she just laid there, dazed.

Saice, who witnessed what happened, yelled What's your problem, lady? Do you have something against young girls? Or, do you have something against insects

"I didn't know that there were bugs that could talk. This will be interesting to try and squish you like one!" Rainbow shouted. Her eyes had the look of determination in them as she made another attempt to capture Saice. She was a madman! Ok, maybe more of a madwoman.

Meanwhile, Cookie slowly shook her head as she tried to get up. She didn't know what to do or what she could do. Then her mind began to race as she turned to her bag. Her fingers inched their way towards it until she finally grabbed it. She quickly dug through it and saw its contents until a particular one came up. She quickly took it out and placed it onto her shoulders. The mechanical wings had made its second debut. She heard the low hum behind her as she was lifted off the ground. Her anger was still coursing through her veins.

Other kids and teenagers came out of their rooms to watch what was going on. They began to whisper to one another as they tried to figure out who this new girl was and what her problem was. Their thoughts were interrupted when all six of the windows in the corridor flew opened. Everyone's hair flew everywhere and the little ones began to scream. They hunched closer to the ground.

Rainbow's body was thrown against the wall, but she was still trying to catch Saice, who was being thrown all over the place. Rainbow's tall, pink wig was thrown off her head and onto an unsuspecting three-year-old. The only one who remained unflinching was Cookie. Her eyes lost the look of innocence they once had and her face grew even paler then before. She lifted her arms and head up towards the ceiling and the sound of thunder echoed through the halls. She turned her head down to Rainbow and tilted her head slightly.

Cookie sarcastically roared, "This will be interesting to try to squish you like one." Saice gasped as she saw what Cookie had in mind. Cookie had managed to let a smirk come across her face.

Uh oh...

Rainbow pleaded with Cookie, "I'm sorry if I offended you somehow. I was merely trying to exterminate-," Cookie glared even further, "I mean, take care of the outdoor pest."

Cookie tilted her head in the opposite direction and screamed, "Outdoor pest? Ha. If anything you are the outdoor pest, my friend. Would you like someone to take care of you? I can arrange it." She smirked.

Rainbow closed her eyes and yell, "I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!" She tried to cover her face with her arms. Cookie raised her arms up and the wind became more intense. Then out of no where, a door flew opened and Cookie could hear a girl yell, "STOP!" Cookie turned her head towards the girl and stared.

The wind slowed down to nothing. The thunder discontinued. Cookie stopped. She fell to the floor and her eyes returned to their pretty blue.

The girl who had yelled gave Cookie her hand, and Cookie grasped it. She looked up to see who this stranger was and was shocked to see it was no stranger but was really-

"Ally!" Cookie exclaimed. She quickly stood onto her feet and hugged her sister. Alabrith tried to peel Cookie off of her but alas, Cookie really wanted to embrace someone she knew. Finally Cookie let go and asked, "What happened? Where are we?"

Before Alabrith could answer, a voice shrieked, "I'll tell you where you'll be going, Miss Ironflame. To the extra care room! And I will be taking these while I'm at it." Rainbow grabbed the wings and began to walk away. While she was leaving, she quickly snatched her pink wig off the poor three-year-old child. Her smile was once again plastered to her face while doing so. Two men grabbed a hold of Cookie and dragged her past the rest of the kids until finally they were at a doorway that said, "The HAPPY Room for Special Cases."

Cookie, who looked very weak, turned to Alabrith who was still standing in the corridor and screamed, "Ally! Help me! Why are they doing this to me? I don't understand." Alabrith kept looking at the floor, not moving. Cookie continued, "Ally! Where am I? I'm scared! Help me! Ally? Alabrith!"

Alabrith's head turned towards her sister when she heard the last plea. The two men shoved Cookie into the dark room while Alabrith ran down the corridor, her legs moving faster and faster. The two men harshly shoved Cookie into the room, locked the door, and walked away. A boy followed Alabrith and yelled, "It's useless Alabrith. They locked it. There's nothing you can do right now."

Meanwhile, Cookie crouched into a corner in the dark room. Her head began to spin and her thoughts became more and more unclear. She leaned her head against the wall trying to have her eyes focus on an object, any object. However, the dark room somehow became darker. All that she could see was black and her mind stopped as she closed her eyes and her body leaned onto the wall.

Alabrith finally reached the doorway and yelled, "Cookie? Cookie, can you hear me?" She looked through the small window and saw her sister lying in there unconscious.

"Cookie! Wake up!" Alabrith tried to open the door, and she even pounded it with her fists. "Cookie, I don't want to lose you again! Please, Cookie, wake up! Cisca, wake up!" Alabrith fell to her knees as she pounded the door even further. She slammed her fist onto the door repeatedly but each time was slower then the one before. Her body began to tremble with every strike. She continued to call for her sister, but her efforts were useless. The boy that followed her and Saice watched as Alabrith began to lose herself.