Staring into reflective glass

Trying to find what makes me this way

The unwanted factor

In an unbalanced equation

Forever attaching myself to someone


Until they stop wanting me

My hair

My face

My body

Heart built to love beyond reason

And wear itself out

Fighting for someone I'll never have

Anyone on Earth, to put it simply

Never thought I was this wrong

But all my ties have shredded

You still hold on

But I am a ghost

Taken back where I'm wanted

Shifting through the shadows

Praying you'll find someone better than me

Other than me, to put it simply

I'll never be lonely again

You can't see me, feel me

Know me

How can you love me?

No forgiveness needed

Apology ignored

Live your life without me

Never feeling a twinge of regret

I denied myself your pity

And became stronger

I watch the world destroy itself

Like it destroyed me

One by one, you join the shadows

I won't ask if you missed me