My hateful mind lingers on this track

Seeing what you thought Iwould forget

For a second, you had everything I wanted

And I couldn't hide a gasp

As tears formed beneath my eyelids

Cursing my existence

All the time I dreamt about her

All the time I wished I had a chance

All the time I fought to never think of her again

As she would neverthink ofme

Yet, for a second, she was yours

And I never let you see me cry

You tried to brag to me

As if I didn't feel it, tearing me apart

You tried to pity me

For being from a lower world

And the dormant tears fought harder

Knowing that you'dpity me

For your own fortune

You warned me to get over it

Made me such a nuisance

When I needed her so much

Wanted her so much

You tried to cheer me up

As if a temporary high could help me fight

The tears I won't admit I cried

I dry my tears, and fight to keep you in the dark

So you won't regret

That you helped her break my heart