The Clutches of Loneliness by writerforever

Loneliness calls out to me in the dark of the night

It whispers in my ear

I am afraid

For it is pulling me into its dark embrace

It tells me that I am completely alone

It tells me that I should find solace in its embrace

It tells me that soon my life will be ended

For I must end it

Its voice is so frightening as it calls to me

In my sleep it sings to me

That voice that is shadowed with darkness

It calls my name

It urges me to come to it

It pushes me towards its dark abyss

I try to turn it away

But its voice is so soft

So seductive

And I find myself reaching out to its dark hand

What am I to do?

Is there no one to save me from loneliness' dark clutches?

Will someone touch me and draw me back into the light?

Is my heart truly on its own?