Note: This is just a simple story I'm writing. I have a prequel to Heartless, titled Burning Touch, but I haven't posted that one up yet. That shouldn't cause any problem or confusion though. Since Heartless has a different main character.

Warning: Intimacy between two male characters! That means yaoi, slash, m/m… whatever.

Chapter 1.

Minase Yuki.

That's my name. Girly, isn't it? I detest it for I am anything but girly. I may have been a bit feminine looking few years ago, but I've changed. I have seen and done a lot of things that will make you sick. With a swift stroke of my wrist, I have cut off a man's head clean from his neck. I've also watched a man get chopped into pieces by axes – while he was alive.

Physically, I've grown taller and my shoulders have grown much more broader. They are not overly muscular though, since I need to stay slim to stay agile; the muscular bulk would only weigh me down. My figure is still slender but I am more built now. My arms are tightly toned, as is my stomach. Simply, I no longer have the feminine form I used to have. I still have feminine features, though considerably, I am more masculine.

Emotionally, I've matured greatly. I don't whine and depend on my older brother like I used to. I've learned to deal with the difficulties of life. I used to take joy in spending time with my brother, but now, I take joy in making others suffer. I guess you could say that I've become cold and, perhaps…

"Heartless," a boy, Sato Miki, spits as he and his friends talk about me. They are not aware that, despite the headphones, I can hear them perfectly fine. Without letting them know, I study him. Miki is so precocious that the school has placed a student from the lowest class in the highest class. Despite his young age of sixteen, he sports a feisty personality, which you can tell from his appearance. He has a nice build, slender yet strong and tightly built. He's not as dark as you would expect him to be but he isn't so pale that it makes him look delicate. He sports a very energetic look with his short sandy brown hair and energetic honey brown eyes – and it is with those eyes he glares at me.

"Don't say that, Miki," his identical twin, Kaori, whispers in warning, "You don't want him to come after you, do you?"

"Let him," Miki slams a fist on his desk, "I'm not afraid of that heartless bastard."

I stand up and make my way over to him, calmly removing the headphones. Once standing over his shoulders, I ignore the fearful glances his friends give me and say, "I'll take that as an invitation."

I'm on my way home, passing by the school's basketball court, when I hear the sound of basketball hitting the hard ground. I change direction and walk over to where a group of students are playing. Just when I arrive, Miki jumps to snatch the ball from mid-air and dash off with it. A loud, upset groan from his opponents rises into the air as he makes a perfect shot.

"That was great, Miki!" Kaori runs over to his twin, clapping him on the back. Kaori is just as precocious as Miki is, but he is far more delicate looking with pale skin and unbelievably thin frame. They share the same sandy brown hair and same honey brown eyes, but Kaori seems to possess a more innocent aura than Miki.

When he notices my presence, Kaori clings to Miki and whispers something. The darker twin sends a heated glare in my direction. Amusing. Miki pulls his twin closer as if he was trying to protect him and whispers something in Kaori's ear. I pretend to be disinterested and walk away, but later I follow them into the locker room, unnoticed.

Slowly I make my way through, the sound of running water becoming louder and louder, but I can make out other sounds. Heavy breaths, panting and moaning, they rise above the strong sound of water hitting hard tiles. Suddenly someone yelps.

"M-Miki…! Not here…!"

"Damn, Kaori… you're… so… tight."

Miki and Kaori? Disturbing, yet the thought of them together brings heat to my body. I can just imagine Kaori's flushed body pinned under Miki's stronger form. I fantasize about them, Miki's breath heavy and panting while Kaori squirms under him, whimpering and mewling like the little kitten he is. Miki would treat his twin preciously with gentle caresses and kisses. The pace of his thrusts would be slow and thorough, making Kaori's eyes water from the intense pleasure. After a while, Miki would speed up in his pace, burying himself deep inside his twin, desperate and unable to control his own body. They would come together with a lovely cry, Kaori's delicate body trembling under Miki's.

"Miki… I-I…" I know the pleasure Kaori wanted to sound, but the little one broke into a cry before he could finish. I walk closer, still hidden from their eyes, and watch the two. Miki has Kaori pinned against the wall, slowly lowering his brother's still trembling form to the floor. They share a passionate kiss, two bodies seemingly forming one. Kaori seems to melt into his brother's touch, whimpering softly as he weakly holds onto Miki's shoulders.

I take another step, accidentally kicking a can across the floor, and the two turn around. Kaori immediately shields himself behind Miki, while the bolder of the two grabs a large towel and wraps it around Kaori. He grabs his boxers and clothes, quickly putting them on despite the fact that he is soaked. The T-shirt clings nicely to his wet body, giving me access to see his sculpted body. He still stands over his twin, sending me bold glares, and finally moves from his stance to help Kaori up. He is careful and gentle with his twin, shielding the delicate body away from me.

"Stay away," it is as if he wants to spit on me and curse me. While Miki uses this as his opportunity to express his hatred towards me, Kaori acts as if I'm not here. As they pass by me, I reach out fast and grab Kaori's arm, drawing a surprised yelp from the fair one. Expectedly, Miki's fist comes flying to my face, quickly rendered useless by my own hand. Miki recovers faster than I had expected him to and lunges toward me, grabbing the front of my shirt and slamming me against some lockers. I simply let my back hit the metal doors, my indifferent gaze glued to his furious one. Once he realizes that I am unfazed by his aggressive act, he lets go of my shirt and leads his brother out of the locker room.

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