I have no idea where this came from really ... as I was lying half awake this morning, far too early, the first three lines came out of nowhere.


The rose garden is bare now -
Only the rosehips bear testimony
To the scented beauty that was summer.

Now just a fading memory.
And my beloved has flown away now,
Headed south, away from winter.

Leaving me alone here -
My heart grows cold,
And my wings are broken.

I miss already the star-sprinkled dark
Of the jasmine perfumed nights,
When we loved by moonlight.

The blue-black velvet pricked with lights,
That some say are the souls of faeries,
Was our canopy until the dawn.

I go now to the kingdoms of the northern lights
And you, my love, to the southern cross.
When frozen wastes thaw, we'll meet again.

For now, like a fallen angel,
I remain powerless to fly
Towards the light.