Freewrite: write about a stranger.

A stranger appears out of nowhere, smiling and walking closer and closer. His toothy smile lights up his shadowed face as he walks away from the closing darkness, bringing a strange white light with him. He reaches out a hand and touches my shoulder, and behold! Every worry, every evil has been cast away. My eyes have cleared. No longer has doubt blinded me. He brings sweet salvation, but then he turns to leave. I scream, I cry out, in hopes that he will linger a bit longer here with me, but he pays no attention. He continues to fade away as the doubt clouds back over my eyes and once again, I am submerged in misery. He leaves, this stranger that had brought me a sort of temporary peace. The light he emits also refuses to stay, bouncing back and forth between the shadows of my past as it follows its master out the door. A soft moan escapes my lips, and I sink to the floor in utter defeat. Darkness closes in and swirls of red spin around me. A small prick of a knife, and I close my eyes for eternity. Damnation is now inevitable.