Tears fill these lonely eyes
As they stare into their shared past
One long forgotten
Innocence resting in its grave
Torn and broken,
Like the soul within,
A photo I hold—
Of one that can never win

-Does it seem, my dear, to be true?
That all love, all sanity,
Has burned in the fires of hatred,
Or has frozen in the ice of lust?-

Screaming with joy and strength
In the renowned days of my glory
A soft voice whispers,
Through the damp photo I hold,
And treasure.

-You see, my dear, what time has done—
to your mind?
That purity born from a love's womb,
Has been washed away by salty tears,
Spilt in that ocean of regret.-

Crying, I drop the photo
And it shatters like a broken heart
Pieces of my past fly out, divided and lost
Locked away inside a black heart.
I forget the spirit that dies,
in my hardened, deceitful mind.
I shut the box holding that photo,
Withered and old, torn and faded,
Just like my heart.