The evil world that we live in

Is full of evil doers and sin

How did all or this begin

It was the acts of mortal men

Feeling the growing presence of deceit

Slithering evil, a lying snake they did meet

The damned snake told them to eat

They heard God coming, so they hid, being discrete

From The Garden of Eden, they were thrown out

And that is how sin came about

From my mouth rhymes seem to sprout

And away they swim, just like trout

In the end, it doesn't matter, the goods you possess

So, in your sin filled life, be the best of the best

Do not settle for less

That's the real test

We are all going to, someday, die

You might as well know why

So, for your information

Read Genesis to Revelation

And learn about Gods salvation

Also read Epesians (2:8-9) and read about grace

And ponder over why He loves such a disgrace (us)