Burning Touch

Warning: This story will contain scenes of graphic and intimate display of affection between two males. SLASH, Shonen-ai, yaoi… whatever you like to call it.

Chapter 1


That was his cue to spring out of bed and into action. Shoving the messy strands of brown and unkempt blonde highlights out of the comforts of his blanket, Hijiri decided the action could wait. It was too cold to get out of his cozy warm bed. Just as he curled up under his blanket, the door opened and a shrill voice pierced his ears.

"I thought I told you to get out of bed! You have to get to school!"

"Good morning to you too, dear sister," Hijiri gave her his biggest smile, trying his best to withstand the pain from the bruise on his cheek. She stared down at him, hands on hips, biting her lower lip – Hijiri could tell she was frustrated. She ripped the blanket off him, her mouth open to scream at him, but only a shocked gasp fell from her lips.

"Hijiri, where'd you get all these bruises? What do you do when you go out with those guys? Don't tell me you- "

Hijiri cut in before her imagination could run off on its delusional path again, "Don't get any ideas, Aya!"

But it was too late.

"Don't tell me they do icky things to you… you poor, pretty little thing…"

"I'm not pretty! And they're my friends, Aya, they're not like that. You read way too many yaoi stories," but even as he was saying this, the dreamy expression on her face never disappeared. She began humming a little tune, skipping a little. Grabbing a pillow, Hijiri screamed, "AYA! Stop thinking dirty thoughts!"

"So she thinks you're gay now?" Hijiri's best friend, Lynx, laughed while he angrily stuffed food in his mouth and nodded. But chewing on his food and watching Lynx just sit there and smile helped him calm down. He never understood why, but Lynx seemed to have that effect on everyone. As Hijiri continued to mutter complaints while chewing, Lynx laughed in amusement, his snow white hair swaying before his sky blue eyes.

It was as if you could fall into them if you stared too long…

"Hijiri, stop staring at me like that. You're starting to creep me out," Lynx complained before taking a drink from Hijiri's water bottle. As he drank, a drop of water slid down the pale neck, so slowly as if it was beckoning someone to lap up that drop with his tongue. His tongue darted out to lick his lower lip, and suddenly, just watching him made Hijiri's pants become tighter.

"I… I have to go to the bathroom. I'll see you in class," with that excuse, he left the cafeteria and darted to the bathroom. What had happened in there? At the cafeteria, he had wanted to… do unforgivable things to him. Hijiri screamed at himself for such vulgar thoughts, gripping the edge of the sink tightly in his hands.


"WHAT?!" the brown-haired youth shouted when Lynx grabbed his shoulder, looking at his friend in concern. He put his pen down and moved so he was facing Hijiri. He put his hand on his forehead, then his hand on his forehead, frowning when he felt nothing.

"You're turning red, but you're not even sick," Lynx muttered as he returned to his seat on the couch, leaning into the cushion, "I'm going to sleep. Wake me up after a while, okay?"


Hijiri watched him sleep, unable to keep his focus on the books. Lynx's lips were partly open, the button on his uniform open to reveal a bit of his chest. He wouldn't mind, Hijiri told himself as he touched the uniform-clad leg, his hand venturing up to his thighs; Lynx showed no sign of discomfort. Forgive me, Hijiri asked silently as he began unzipping his pants, slipping his hand inside to touch the smooth thighs; Lynx's face twisted in mild confusion, but he remained asleep.

Forgive me…

Hate me…

"So you find out you have a major crush on your best friend and tried to rape him?"

"I didn't rape him, Ryo," the brash youth defended quickly. Though he had stopped himself before going to far, Hijiri still tasted the nasty flavor of guilt. The thoughts that ran across his mind, the need to have him screaming, the need to touch him, they had all hit him so hard.

"Whatever. You should just be glad Lynx didn't wake up when you were getting all touchy on him. Both of you are my boys, but I can't stand seeing Lynx get hurt," Ryo muttered the last part before taking a drag from his cigarette, his steel gray eyes distant.

"Because you love him. I know. You love him more than anything in the world…" Hijiri squeezed his friend's shoulder hard, letting the blonde know that he himself knew how it felt to be standing on the other end, desiring so much but not having that love returned. To make the silence go away, the younger boy joked, "You sure don't show it though with all the people you sleep with."

"Only five people, Hijiri, only five," Ryo joked back and his companion knew everything was cool between them. They both wanted the same person, but they weren't going to let it get between them. Putting out the cigarette, Ryo suddenly changed the subject, "We gotta discuss the Serpents' movements. They're getting a bit rowdy."

"I thought we shut them up for good when we jumped their leader."

"Apparently not. Let's go inside and talk about this," Ryo opened the door that connected the balcony to his room. As soon as they were inside, he closed the big dark blue curtains and gestured Hijiri toward his big bed. Hijiri opened his mouth to bring up the Serpents topic again but Ryo shut him up with his lips, shoving him down on the bed.

The younger of the two didn't even protest as Ryo's hands proceeded to rip his shirt off, his breath hot and heavy against his exposed skin. When Ryo's head dipped down onto Hijiri's aroused member, he didn't say anything. He needed this. He needed someone to touch himand make him feel good. The way Ryo's tongue licked and coated the flesh had Ryo's companion nearly tearing his sheets in his grip.

"Gods, Ryo… j-just… fuck me already," Hijiri panted before breaking into a loud scream as he came in his mouth. Ryo swallowed eagerly, hungry for more, and attacked Hijiri's lips. After a string of brutal kisses he hissed, "I didn't hear you beg."

"I am not-" the brunette was cut off by a knock on the door. Ryo shot a nasty look towards the closed door before saying, "I'm busy."

"Master Ryo, someone's here to see you. He says it's urgent."

"I gotta go, love," Ryo pecked Hijiri on the lips, giving him a sly smirk, and slid off the bed, "You can stay in here or come with me."

Ryo closed the door as he left, leaving Hijiri alone in his huge room. The brunette got dressed and watched his TV for a while until the sound of the voices in the box began to bore him. Strolling out of Ryo's room, Hijiri went downstairs, following Ryo's voice. Ryo's voice could be heard clearly, for he was yelling, and a loud sound of skin hitting skin followed, making Hijiri flinch as the sound echoed throughout the hall.

"Ryo?" Hijiri called out, racing down the stairs and to the living room, finding Ryo and his guest. His guest was sprawled out on the floor, hand over his cheek and avoiding Ryo's furious gaze. Stopping Ryo before he could strike again, Hijiri asked, "What's going on? Who is that?"

"Minase Yuki."

"Minase… Minase as in…"

"One of the Serpents. Brother of Minase Shingen."

End of Chapter 1

Notes: Frankly, I like Yuki's story, "Heartless", more than this story. Yuki develops a much more interesting character in there. Go check it out!