The ages have come and gone. Battles won and lost. Empires have risen and fallen. But one has stood the test of time, The Demon Monarchy. During the 5th age their infernal legions invaded the world from below. The humans among a vast number of other races present during their initial onslaught. Each race fell; The Elves, The Vampires, and The Werewolves. All enslaved for The Demon Monarchy, so it can be sustained.

The wars raged on. With each new moon another village fell to its knees before the great and vast demon armies. Battlefields were abundant, soaked with blood; demon, human, and elfish. The Vampires and Werewolves at this time were neutral watching the battles from afar. Watching the destruction bestowed upon the world.

Years have passed. Demons have done what they wished to everyone. Raping humans and elves, creating half-breeds. Cast out by their own people these half-breeds were left to die in the harsh unforgiving wilderness. Many of these children were fortunate enough to be found and raised by the stronger races, such as the Vampires and the Werewolves. These children not only were demon half-breeds but also were raised and taught by Werewolves and Vampires. Some even took part in ceremonies and became one of them.

The lesser demons weren't the only ones to spawn children. The demons in the hierarchy also did. These children however, were bastard half-breeds. These children were raised by Vampires and Werewolves in less quantity for their demon fathers would sentence them to death at birth. This is because of the power these children possessed; they had powers equal if not greater then their fathers. Even though these children were few, they were powerful. All of them partook in the ceremonies, but still fewer partook ceremonies to become both of them. These children were the most powerful, and the bane of The Demon Monarchy. Prophets; Demon, Human, and Elfish, all alike, foresaw powerful warriors taking control. The Demon Prophets took this as a sign of blessing and feasted greatly, celebrating every chance there came one. But what they didn't see is that these warriors were out for demon blood, royal or not.