Obsession by writerforever

I see you through the darkness

Can't you feel the weight of my stare?

You have become my mentor

To you I turn too when my heartache is too much to bear

In this darkness that I now live in

It is you that caresses my face

With such gentleness and care you touch me

Causing the anger and fear to leave my troubled soul

In my loneliness I think of you

My heart is broken

For I long to be near you every second

But I must hide here in the darkness

But you are within my very soul

You haunt my every dream

It is you that I long to touch

To feel

To love

When I am near you my troubled spirit is soothed

When I am afraid you renew my courage

When I am with you I can hear your very heartbeat

And it beats in usion along with mine

You are the air that I breathe

You have become more than my love

You have become my obsession

To you I am forever chained

To you, my obsession, I will remain true