AN: okay this is so random, I have no idea what the hell it is, but I was bored I had a pen and the back of a school book (XD) an this is what came out. And no it isn't a poem surprise flame if you must it only turns me on 

I never realized how enticing the little specs on my ceiling are. I tried to count them, but I only got to 57 then fell asleep on my mattress on the floor. The TV woke me up around 3 am, I swore at it a couple times. Some show from the 1800's was on or something. I found it oddly amusing that the guy who was living with two sexy chicks hasn't screwed them yet; especially considering they walk around in those really short shorts, if you can call them shorts. I changed the channel, no need to watch girls prancing around in there underwear unless it's a special occasion. It was at this point my dog crawled on the bed. He looked me in the eye, with those golden brown orbs of his, tongue wagging and ears flapping, and said " mom you need to get up, you've been in bed for three days and I want to go for a walk" I almost laughed but my mouth wouldn't open. I told him to go lay down or else I'll sell him to the Chinese for a pretty penny. So he retreated to his spot in front of the TV where "space ghost from coast to coast" was on, that is his favorite show. I tried to continue counting the specs on the ceiling; I got to 78 then fell back to sleep.

AN: teehee I'm a damn weirdo.