Hiya. It isn't one of my normal depressing poems. I'll expain it at the end.

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I hurt you

With my sad words

I'm sorry you loved me

And I only adored

I'm sorry our friendship

Is now down the drain

Just because of one stupid date

I'm sorry for everything

That went wrong

I'm sorry Drake

That we didn't work out.

A/N Now is the time to tell you about it. After my first love and I broke up, I was really depressed. I had a great friend and I thought, (Key Word) that I liked him more than just a friend. So when he asked me out I agreed. After about two weeks, I broke up with him. The reason? I only think of him as a friend.This is what I'm feeling about it. If you're reading this Drake, know that everything I said was true.