Carpe Noctem

By: Kellyconcarne

Disclaimer: I own all of the following characters with the exceptions of Azreal who belongs to Mallory Hoffman, Kain who belongs to Byron Lemberg, and Lucas Falx who belongs to Tony Thigpen.

Author's Note: Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter up. In the original story there were supposed to be gods and everything but I decided to cut it out. So I replaced it instead with a celebration only Melikus would find acceptable. Again, this is another really "lemon"-y chapter that is not for anyone who can't handle sexual stuff.

Chapter 10: The Initiation

After a week had passed from the day Gabriel had become a vampire, she woke that night to hear the other vampires in the clan talking excitedly around her coffin. She pushed the lid away and rose, Dark, hungry smiles crossed their faces while they were making preparations around the abandoned church, hanging ropes tied in loops above the altar and placing gold chalices on the altar.

When Gabriel noticed Reptilius standing in middle aisle, calling orders out to the other vampires, she hurried over to him.

"Reptilius, what's going on here?"

He smirked at her and rubbed his hands together excitedly,

"Why, haven't you heard fledgling? We're going to have a celebration."

"For what?"

"For you. To celebrate your rebirth and welcome you officially into the clan. You should be honored; Melikus doesn't do this for many. He must really like you, fledgling." He looked her up and down. "Although I can't imagine why. Women are so foolish. I prefer someone with a little more strength. "

"We men hold our power in a fist…but women hold it between their legs, Reptilius." Melikus called out, standing in front of the altar.

Gabriel smiled a bit at Melikus as he beckoned her with a curling index finger and a devilish smile. She obliged him and he pulled her towards him by the waist.

"What do you think, my dear?" He asked, motioning to the altar.

She looked around and saw 9 different loops, strung by rope, hanging above the altar. Onyx cloths were spread across the altar table, where 9 gold chalices sat.

"Why so much for me?" She inquired, looking at Melikus. He grinned in response.

"Because I want to, my girl. Now don't be ungrateful. You wouldn't want to turn down me,now would you?" He asked, running a finger down her jaw line, his black eyes glistening with threat. She shook her head silently, to which he smiled and released her.

"Good, now, go into my chambers; Katri is waiting for you there to get you ready." He ordered.

Gabriel nodded and returned to his room where Katri was sitting on the bed, a crimson robe lying next to her. She sighed and rolled her eyes at her blonde haired companion.

"Don't stand there gawking. Undress." She demanded, walking over to Gabriel who stood there, surprised. Katri pulled the buttons in the front of her dress apart with sharp tugs, not bothering to look at Gabriel in the face. The black dress dropped to the floor and Katri turned away.

"Take off your undergarments. Or do you need me to help finish undressing you completely?" She sneered. Gabriel looked at her underwear then at Katri before slowly sliding off the remainder of her clothes. She folded her arms over her chest, as if trying to protect her breasts from Katri's eyes. Katri turned around and looked at her then laughed,

"Oh please, spare me your half-attempt at purity. You're not a virgin anymore, so don't try to act like one."

She took the robe off the bed and brought it over to Gabriel. She draped it over Gabriel's head and slid it down, the crimson material engulfing her whole body. Katri looked at the robe then at Gabriel's face.

"There, you're ready. Don't ask me how you look because I find you revolting enough as it is." She snapped at her.

"Why do you hate me so much when I've never done anything to you?" Gabriel argued with her.

"Just stay away from Melikus. He's mine." Katri hissed at her before walking out of the room. "Come upstairs, they're ready for you."

Gabriel nodded and ascended the stairs to the trapdoor next to the altar, after taking a few extra minutes to fix her appearance. She pushed open the door and climbed out, standing up slowly. The altar was lit with candles placed everywhere and there appeared to be no one in sight. Behind her, she heard quiet rustling and strange grunts. She turned around to see 9 long objects, cloaked in black, hanging where the ropes had been placed. Hesitantly, she walked over to one of the hanging objects. She reached out to touch it but a voice spoke in her ear that turned her blood to ice and stopped her.

"No, no Gabriel… look but don't touch."

She whirled around to see Melikus, cloaked in a black cape, standing before her. He smiled darkly, "At least don't touch yet."

He took her hand into his and led her to the front of the altar. Slipping out of the shadows, the vampires in the Dragon Clan filed in the pews in silence, donning black capes. They faced Gabriel and Melikus, watching out of their hoods with piercing hungry eyes. Melikus turned to her and spoke in a loud voice that resonated through the church,

"Gabriel Minos, are you ready, at last, to become a full child of night, to take the Dragon Clan as your new family?"

Gabriel nodded and replied with a firm "Yes". Melikus grinned and took a dagger out from his cloak. He opened her hand and pressed it in her hand.

"Do you swear to follow the ways of the vampire and never betray your clan?" He demanded. Gabriel nodded in response, her eyes locked on his. He continued,

"Do you swear that if you betray your clan that you will accept the full punishment of death?"

Gabriel spoke, "Yes." Melikus smiled and closed her fingers around the dagger.

"Do you see those cloaked objects behind the altar?" The blonde-haired vampire nodded in response. He motioned to the hanging objects, "Go to one of them and remove the black cloak."

Gabriel obeyed and standing before one of the hanging objects, she quickly ripped the cloak off the object. Before her own eyes, hanging upside down, was a little boy, no older than 9, tied up with rope. He was gagged with a white rag and tear streaked his red cheeks. His eyes, wide with fright, set on Gabriel. She felt her heart break for the boy as he grunted and squirmed, terrified. She could hear the boy trying to make pleas for his life behind the gag but she did nothing. Instead, she stood there in shock while she heard Melikus' voice,

"A virgin's blood is required for a transition such as this. Kill him, Gabriel. Kill him and drink his blood." He ordered. The boy let out a gasp and began to squirm around violently. His wails were choked by the gag as more tears ran from his eyes. She looked back at Melikus, hesitating. His smile faded and turned into a cold sneer. "Did you not hear me, Gabriel? I want you to kill that little boy, right now."

"But he's a child!" Gabriel argued, feeling herself becoming sicker with each passing moment. Melikus sneered,

"He's a human, cattle for us. Kill him. Or do I have to kill you for betraying your clan right here?" He warned. Gabriel gasped and slowly felt her fingers tightening around the dagger. She raised it before the child, who was now panicking violently.

"Slash his throat!" Melikus ordered with his voice loud. Gabriel closed her eyes as she rested the dagger on his throat. With a quick jerk, the dagger cut into the flesh of the boy, releasing hot blood which sprayed all over Gabriel's face. She tasted the familiar sweet and salty taste of the blood. Her body betrayed her heart as she felt herself become satisfied with the blood. With all of her strength, she tried to resist her primal urge to feed. She opened her eyes and dropped the dagger, surrendering to her hunger. Eagerly, she dug her fangs into the boy's throat and took what was left of his blood.

As she drank, she heard Melikus' cackle, "Welcome, my darlings, our new vampire, Gabriel!" The vampires pounded their fists on the pews excitedly before making their way up to the altar. They began to remove the cloaks off the other hanging objects. All of the objects were children, terrified and gagged. Gabriel pulled away from the dead little boy and watched as the other vampires began to draw daggers of their own and slash the children's throats. Blood sprayed everywhere, on the faces of the vampires and the floor of the altar. Gabriel watched as they collected the blood in large bowls and chalices. While some drank from the chalices and bowls, others drank hungrily from the throats of the children instead.

Melikus approached Gabriel, holding a golden chalice filled with blood, "Drink, my little Gabriel." He said before pushing the cup to her lips. She felt herself loose control and become intoxicated with the blood. Seizing it from his hands, she gulped down the blood all at once. When she finished, she cackled in bloodlust and threw the chalice aside.

Melikus joined in with her laughter and reached out, grabbing her crimson cloak. He smiled darkly and ripped it off her, exposing her naked body. Gabriel gasped in surprise and delight. He began to kiss her with feverish passion. He bit along her neck and shoulders, his hands roaming all over her body. The other vampires began to encircle Gabriel, trapped in pleasure and blood, as one by one, they disrobed. Like Gabriel, they too were naked. They removed Melikus' own cloak, revealing his naked pale body which was overpowering Gabriel's. He hissed in pleasure as other female vampires began to run their hands all over his body while he fondled and suckled on Gabriel.

Gabriel's mind was reeling, lost in a sea of crimson blood and pale delicate flesh. She tried to focus her eyes and think straight but she was blinded with pleasure which seemed to be coming from all over her body as she felt several hands caressing and teasing her. Amidst her own world of pleasure, she heard moans of delight mixed with lustful depravity rising like an avalanche as bodies intertwined. A voice, breathy and dark, whispered in her ear from the screams and cries of the orgy that surrounded her,

"Give in…give in to me again, my Gabriel."

And she did, with a final long howl of carnal passion.