Soft grass and tall trees grew in the glen. The shadows of the night were beginning to fade as the sun rose. Dew was spread in a fine layer atop the leaves of the trees and the sun glistened off of the drops like crystals. I wandered underneath the great trees, there was no underbrush but the tall grass and the great trees were set far apart, but close enough to keep the sun from shining through.

I wandered alone, quietly, my footsteps falling softly against the morning earth. It was a large glen, all around me were the thick-set trees growing boldly from the ground. The edge of the forest was unknown at this point. I stopped my wandering, my destination was nowhere, and I slowly sat against the side of an extraordinarily large tree. I leaned my head tiredly against the bark of the tree, long strands of hair being caught between the cracks of the course bark. My eyes shut, and I dreamt of the rising sun and the smell of fresh grass. A warm wind blew into my face and a soft touch reached my hands. And I opened my eyes just wide enough to see a shining white animal. Its whiteness glowed off of its fur and radiated about it. There was an aura about the creature that held wisdom beyond years.

I regarded it through my half-closed eyes. It was more like a deer than a great horse. It was graceful like the deer and its hooves were cloven in two. Its tail was a little tuft, not flowing like that of a horse and no mane grew upon the crest of its neck. Its horn was long and thin, curving only slightly more than a saber's. It rested its head upon my lap, closing its old, weary eyes. Its breath became slow and shallow and we rested, its great horn pointed to my heart.

Some say that unicorns only come to those who are virgin, I would not be able to prove that theory wrong. As the unicorn rested in my lap, his breath blew through me, whispering to me the trials of its age. Images of knights and dragons and of damsels and lovers. To its journey to the woods, it poured its life out to me. And I rested there against the tree, the images floating through me in my half-sleep. It told of his broken heart, of his family and companions and of torture and woe. And it gave one last breath and the images came to this point, of me resting with him in the woods. The quiet, peaceful woods, where there was no harm, no pain, no woe. A look of content spread across the wise unicorn's face before in a shower of gentle sprinkles it evaporated into a fine mist and joined its forefathers where the land never dies.

I closed my hands, feeling the tips of my fingers with my thumbs. I memorized the touch of its silk fur, of the warm air of its breath, of the pains and woes of the wise being. And as the last of the mist slowly died away, a dim light showed before me and marked me as one of his own before it too slowly faded away just like I foresaw the last of his kind would.