Tori ne Naretara

In the morning I awake

From my once tender dreams

In a land so peaceful

I can go only when I sleep

In the shadow of the night a slender silhouette appears

As soon as it came it disappeared

Is that what I'll become?

Is that what I'll soon be?

If I could spread my wings and fly

On that fateful day I die

I can become a bird

That way I can always fly

There is something in the air

That is strangely calling me

Is that what I'll become?

Is that what I'll soon be?

Fallen angels in the snow

Tori ne Naretara

It's a place that's really deep

Where the fallen angels sleep

If I can become one of them then I'll finally find peace

My wings will soon spread and I'll be one of them

That's what I want to become

Inside that seashell from the beach

I picked that day

Not long ago

I can hear the echoing call

Of the once tranquil waves

A brief smile crossed my face

Of the seasons overflowed

It led me back to the year

Of the tender mystic snow

There's a message in the snow

"Tori ne Naretara"

It is what I will become

When I'm finally turned to dust

Here in this blanket covered ground is forever where I'll sleep

I'm trembling like a mirage that's about to disappear

I will become a bird