Kyra was a good student, the type of student that teachers wistfully talked about in the teacher's lounge, saying they wished there were more like her. After all, she was always attentive, a good listener, and slow to get into fights. She was just a silent shadow who was always there, but never noticed by her peers. Unless, of course, it was by Trilian Darmer, the bane of her existence.

Trilian was the son of highly conservative parents that looked down upon any citizens of their one-horse town that did not conform to their view of the perfect citizen: white, protestant, and well-behaved. Unfortunately, Trilian felt the need to not only follow in his parents' shoes, but to take a step further than just looking down upon 'unwanted behaviour.'

"Witch, witch. You're going to hell!" Trilian Darmer sang out as he passed her in the hall. Kyra stiffened as he said it, and turned to reply.

"You know that little thing called Karma, Trilian? Well, I hope you're reincarnated as a bug on my windshield," Kyra replied.

Same old tune, just a different day. It was almost a daily routine by now and Trilian's insults had lost their sting a long time ago. Still, Kyra had trouble understanding why some people were bothered so much by the fact that she practiced Wicca. She didn'thurt them by doing so. Wicca's number one rule is "an' ye harm none, do what ye will." But, she held on to the fact that school was almost out for the summer and then she would have one more year before she was free of this forsaken little town.

Even so, the day seemed to drag on and on for Kyra. When the last bell finally rang, setting her free, she darted out to her car and drove home, slowing down only as she neared her house. She knew she would get it if her mom saw her speeding again.

This time, though, she escaped being caught and bounded up the stairs cheerfully towards her medium-sized, one-story house.

She greeted her mother cheerfully as she walked in the door.

"Hey mom!" She chirped.

"Hey, sweetie, how was your last day for the year?" Charlotte asked her daughter.

"Pretty good. Not much happened. Of course, the highlight of my day was when I told Trilian I hoped he was reincarnated as a bug on my windshield," She said with a grin. Her mother just rolled her eyes. She had talked to the school about the teasing but they didn't do much, and Kyra really didn't seem bothered by it anymore, so she just let it go and hoped for the best.

After they chatted for a moment or two, Kyra headed to her room and put on some soft music so she could run through a few meditation exercises. When she opened her eyes she stuck her tongue out. Her room was in serious need of cleaning both magically and physically. How on earth had she let it get this bad?

She sighed and began the physical cleaning, carrying out all of her dishes and laundry. Vacuuming, dusting… Achoo.

When she was finally satisfied that it was clean enough, she lit some sandalwood incense and a few candles, sweeping out all of the negative energy that had accumulated. By the time that she was done her mother was calling her to supper.

Kyra stretched out and made her way towards the kitchen. She made an appreciative noise as she saw the steaming pan of chicken stir-fry, one of her favorite foods.

"Yum, that looks good mom," Kyra remarked with a smile.

Dinner was spent talking about school and work, among other little, unimportant things.

Feeling stuffed and much happier than earlier in the day, Kyra got up from the table to return to her self-made sanctuary.

"G'night mom,." Kyra said as she made her way back to her room. Old people go to bed so early... Kyra allowed herself a small smile. It was a long standing joke between her and her mom that anyone over thirty became an 'old person.' It was especially funny when her mother turned thirty and changed her opinion on this.

Kyra flopped down on her bed and began flipping through some ofthe books she had picked up at an old bookstore that was going out of business, when something fell out of an old leather-bound book that the store owner had pulled from the back of one of the old dust shelves.

She picked up the two worn, yellowed, pieces of paper and gently unfolded the first one. It read:

Spirits of Old

There once were spirits that could be called by a few, unique witches. Some of these spirits are very weak, while others, are extremely powerful. Each time a spirit is called by name, it becomes a little bit stronger. It usually becomes clearer to the caller, though it usually will choose to remain unseen by the rest of the world. Some spirits are very helpful and useful to their master, doing their will with little effort on the caller's part. But beware, since not all spirits are good and kind. Some will seek to use you for their own purposes. They may try to frighten you or disguise themselves as good or even weak spirits. Once you call a spirit, it is able to enter your home. Much thought must be put into the decision to call forth a spirit of old. Beware!

Cast your circle very carefully, and make sure it is strong before casting the spell. You may light calming or protecting incenses if you wish to do so.

Clear your mind and feel the magic all around you, in the air, earth, water, and wind. Reach into that magic as you recite this the spell.

Curious now, Kyra carefully set down the first piece of paper and unfolded the other one.

Encantation for calling the Spirits of Old

Spirits of old, I call for thee
I ask thee to teach me
I ask thee to follow me
Light and dark
Night and day
Life and death
Love and hate
I am worthy, hear my call
Give and take
I call you from your sleep
Who now will come to me?
Lady light
Mistress dark
I hold thee to thy word
I speak of you now
Hear my call
My call gives you power
So hear me and be lost no more
So mote it be

Kyra mused over the words on the page. A spirit to aid in magic and other small things? That could come in very useful. But, what of the warning? Most spirits were fairly harmless. Speaking a spirits name would make it stronger, but ignoring it and refusing to say or think its name would often make them fade or drive them away completely. If she could eventually make any harmful spirits go away, what was the harm?

Kyra let the parchment fall lightly to her bed as she rose and began to gather her incense and candles. She gave little thought to the faint rust colored stain on the aged piece of parchment....

Kyra settled down inside of her circle, inhaling the scents of sandalwood and lavender as she took a deep breath. She relaxed her body and began to concentrate on the flow of magic and life around and inside her. She cast her circle and took a few moments to take comfort in the protective feeling that surrounded enveloped her.

She felt her own heartbeat clearly and soon the pulse of life from around her joined it in a steady pulsing rhythm. She inhaled deeply once more before reciting the incantation.

Her voice was calm and clear as she spoke. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the spell she was casting. The temperature of the room began to rise rapidly as her spell neared its end. She gasped as the spell ended and the searing heat of the room vanished, almost as if it had been sucked from the room. The room dropped to a mildly cool temperature. Kyra started as she realized that there was a breeze inside her room.

She slowly opened her eyes to see a man standing a few feet in front of her circle. He peered at her through cold silver eyes as the wind tossed his shoulder length black hair. When he spoke his voice was velvety and cold.

"I will be tamed by no one. Your chains and spells cannot hold me. You have spoken the ancient spell and I have answered, you have given me power once again. I will kill you and gain even more. Corrupt human hearts are so easily crushed. Farewell," he said in a voice that sliced through the air with power, as his ominous words hung in the air darkly.

Kyra gasped as an oppressing dark energy encircled her. She focused on her protecting circle but the raw magic he possessed ate through her protective magic in seconds. She was soon engulfed in it. Kyra closed her eyes tightly and whimpered. What had she done?

A/N- This story was originally started by my friend, Haven of the Shadow. She's temporarily letting me take control of the reins so she can concentrate on her other pieces. This version will not only have a slightly different writing style, but the plot is going to be a little different, too. To those who have read her version, I hope you like this one, too. Thanks!