The spirit turned from her with an insane smile. Soon. Soon he would engulf the world in his destructive flames. He had already touched each and every person's life in some way, but soon he would consume it all. He turned back towards her once he felt his flames disappear, expecting a corpse.

He was surprised to see the dark haired witch still cowering in her circle. He circled her slowly and cautiously. Her long red hair covered her face. She had no great feel of power about her. So, how could a little wisp survive his black magic?

He was hate, one of the most powerful of the spirits of old. His eyes widened in shock and alarm as he heard a name whispered on the slight wind.


The young girl peered out from behind her curtain of red hair when she heard the sound. Her confused blue eyes took in his startled face as the wind whispered again.


No, impossible...

Kyra raised her eyes as she heard the whispered word. She watched the confused power before her look around with anger. Dais? What did it mean? A word couldn't hurt him unless... unless it was his name. Of course! It had to be his name!

She spoke hesitantly, though clearly, "Dais." He whirled angrily to face her.

"What magic did you use to protect yourself from my flames and to learn my name. Answer me now!" he hissed at her.

Kyra blinked at him in confusion. Her fear of him was slowly dwindling as his human-like emotions took over him. He seemed to be furious that she knew his name. But why answer her call if he didn't want to be bound to her?

"I don't know. You destroyed my circles protective power. What are you?" She barely managed to keep her voice completely even as she spoke.

"I am hate. I destroy all whom I touch. Who are you, witch child, to stand in my way?" He asked and Kyra shivered at the edge of steel that his words held.

Hatred? Impossible. No one could call the original powers anymore. She surely couldn't have called one of the two most powerful forces ever to grace the earth. It just wasn't possible. She was only seventeen!

Realizing, however, that Dais had no idea how she had managed to call him, she instinctively decided to keep him in the dark. Maybe she could use this to her advantage later on. "I am young and not fully trained; I could not have called hatred to myself. Who are you really?" Kyra asked.

The dark haired man scowled at her, his silver eyes piercing her. He spoke angrily, though softly. His words held malice that a thousand screamed words could not have better conveyed.

"I do not lie. I am hate. I demand to know how you have called me here. Show me how you managed this task. Now!" Dais demanded. Kyra hesitated a moment. Did she dare stand up against the power of hatred? She almost reached for the ancient spell, which had gotten tucked away between the pages in the book as the swirling wind had caused its cover to slam shut. But, once again, she had this nagging feeling that she should hide the spell from him. She had no logic to back it up… but she couldn't bring herself to reach for the spell and show it to him.

"I don't know how I summoned you," Kyra lied, keeping her face straight and managing to keep her voice from wavering too much.

Sensing she was lying, he raised his hand to strike her, but as his hand came close to her face, it bounced away from it, as though it had hit a wall. His surprise temporarily overrode the painful burning sensation in his hand. When his shock had dissipated, he noticed the scorch mark on the back of his right hand.

His eyes widened. What in the..?

Something wasn't right. From the looks of it, the burn would take at least a few days to heal on its own. It was extremely powerful magic that had placed it upon his hand. Not even the most skilled witches could have done that with so little effort.

Suddenly wary, he stepped back from the seemingly harmless witch before him. "I suppose it does not matter how I came to be here. If you will not tell me how, will you at least tell me why?" he asked, with a surprisingly small amount of command in his voice.

Kyra blinked. What had caused that sudden switch in attitude? One minute he was practically spitting daggers at her and trying to hit her and now he was actually trying to be civil. And why didn't he hit her in the first place? He had certainly seemed like he was going to.

"What?" she asked.

Irritation flashed through him, which he quickly squashed. It was best to tread softly for now, until he learned how great her powers truly were. "Why did you summon me, witch?" he asked.

She paused for a second, but seeing no reason to withhold that information, she decided to tell him. "I merely tried to call a spirit that would help me in my spells and keep me company. I was given your name, but now I haven't a clue as of what to do. And I'm not, you or witch, my name is Kyra, Kyra Aeralyn Cereth."

Dais narrowed his eyes as she spoke, his anger growing with every word. He opened his mouth to lash at her with his words, but the wind spoke again.

Dais Rhyllien Gray.

Kyra smiled and raised her arms in welcome as the wind swept by her twirling her hair and causing her to laugh. Dais on the other hand growled and hissed at it as is passed.

No one, not even his partners, Anger and Fear, knew of his full name. Whoever had done this would pay dearly. He winced as he heard it spoken for the first time in centuries by the wisp of a girl that stood before him.

'Dais Rhyllien Gray', it was spoken softly and without malice.

Kyra gave him a brilliant smile. The soft wind had uplifted her spirits greatly.

"I like your name. But I wonder who keeps saying it?" She said with confusion as she half-heartedly glanced around her room.

Gorwing impatient with her feigned ignorance, Dais sneered at her. "Wind speaks my name, foolish girl. She hears all names that are lost to her winds. It is who sent her here to speak it so openly that I seek. I have more trouble than you now. Cherish the time you have left. I'll be back for you," he stated darkly before disappearing in a swirl of shadows.

Kyra gasped in surprise as he disappeared and laughed softly at his confused and angry look when he reappeared about ten feet away. She quickly stifled her laughter when he turned to her with a murderous expression.

"I think whoever sent the wind did a few other things too," she remarked doing her best to look serious and keep toomuch of a sarcastic edge from her voice.

Dais turned to her, fire and anger shinning in his steely silver eyes. Forgetting in his swarm of angerwhat happened last time, he reached out and struck at her, only to gasp in shock as his hand passed through her this time. NO! He tentatively reached out and placed his hand on her face. But when he quickly extended a vicious pair of claws his hand passed harmlessly through her once again.

Bound to a wisp of a light witch and unable to harm her, Hate, the bringer of so much death and destruction, was caught.

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