Ignore the silence
It is not permanent
There's nothing to console you
Unless I am gone
And I will spend
No more time in your embrace

Sweet-scented memories
I cannot contain this desire
To twitch and dance
And mutilate
My way back into the fractured past

Beautiful memories of last summer
When I was free
I do not wish to remember

When we were young
It is too painful
To reside in paradise
With closed eyelids
To keep the real world out

Something goes wrong
And I retreat
At full pelt
Across the bridge
And try to hold them back
It's not right
Sacrifices must be made
Such lack of charisma
In the front line

You told me I was quiet
Didn't you?
Now you know why,
Massive trauma
Caused by memories too sweet
And the monotony of the present
That rises to a crescendo of
Physical jerks
And uncontrollable yelps

It is too painful
So ignore the silence
My screams
And shouts
Will shatter the Perspex
For a while.