You're Late

"You're late." They would always yell at me for that.

"Again. You lateness is unacceptable." It's not my fault really. I live on a private street far from school and my parents would always drop me off late.

Now, I look through my trashed world, my room. The bed was over turned. My computer has been smashed. My mirror was broken. Pages were torn out from their books. Holes were in the wall. I screamed. The roaring music boomed in my ears, but there wasn't any music playing. Pictures were ripped.

It was a day that I was looking forward to since god knows when. My class would be going on a trip far away from our school. A trip that we would sleep over and we would have fun. We would go out on our own for awhile, but we would tour around as a class. It would be the last year together. Unfortunately, it was just other ordinary day I was late, but I was too late, very late. I told myself everyday I would not be late for this day. I will not be late for this day and in the end I was. My best friend called me telling that I should meet them there. I got my driver's license just last year, so having the privilege I couldn't be late anymore. Still I was late. There was massive traffic. It was raining very hard and I was waiting there in my car for the traffic to move. I found out there was an accident by the flashing lights of the police cars and ambulances. As I was pass through, a coach bus was overturned and smashed. My heart dropped.

"No." I gasped. There. On the window on the bus, my schools' name. I swerved on the side and got out of the car. The police officer told me to stand behind the lines. I struggled through. The police officer tried to hold me back. The ambulance people was putting people in the ambulance. There were several of them. Their faces covered with the white sheet that no one wants to see on their friend or relative or anyone in that matter. The red lights shining in my face. I was cold and numb. It was still raining heavily.

When the coach bus left, I was two minutes late when they pulled out. They had already waited for me, so they had to pull out of the school or else they would be late. It was raining hard. The roads were slippery. It was very early in the morning so it was still dark out. A trunk rammed in the coach bus for the truck driver was suffering from mass fatigue. The coach bus tipped over on impact and the trunk as for the final act fell on over the bus smashing. Only the truck driver survived through the horrific accident, but later died of injuries suffered in the aftermath. No one on the bus survived. The fatalities were27 including chaperons, teachers, students, and the bus driver.

I screamed loud and clear. I pounded my fist against the wall. I piled every single memory and momentum in a trash can. It was still raining. The smell of gasoline filled my nose. A lighter that was given to me by one of my friends was lit. The flame burned and was dropped into the trash can. It burst in flames. The cold tears mixed with the rain water on my face.

I was known as a person who held on. This was the hardest decision I ever did. Before I dropped the lighter in trash can, I thought of everyone and everything that had happen before. It was painful. My heart constricted with pain and anger. I would have been it easier if I was on time for once.

Kekemapa: It's has been awhile, guys. Coming back with an one-shot. This one-shot was influenced by a drabble that I read in the LiveJournal Community. Constructive critism welcome. Reviews as well.