High up in the altitudes, miles away from the chaos of the ever-going world, where the birds sing freely their song, resides my heart. Free of the busy life and agendas created by the ignorance of mankind, the trees sway in the lazy wind that dances from the poles vertical and horizontal.

High above the tallest tree, beyond the telescopes and technology created by the greediness of consuming, where the air is still and the night is a silent reverie, I lay me down to sleep in somber resplendence. Peaceful whisperings caress my every worry and gives my soul wings to fly.

Far, far away is my sanctuary of hope, of inspiration, of peace. Untouched by lust, by desire, by greed, I meander through the soft glades of nature, carefree and life-loving. Untainted by immorality and despondent beliefs, my heart takes courage and I am suddenly filled with the strong-willingness of a soldier at war -- war with the world, war with the seeds behind corruptness, war with my inner devil – and yet the tender words of poetic aspirations.

Here am I free of the filth that plagues society. Here do I lose myself in the lasting surrealism. Here am I free of the pessimism that infects the minds of so many lives and generations. Here am I free of the spreading disease of hatred, of malice, of death. Here am I protected from reality. Here will I remain.