A/N: Written for my sister. I love you, Shae!

Sweet And Sour

For what I have done

I cannot anymore bear

The hurt and sorrow I saw

I'll never forget that tearful glare

You turned to me

Requiring a simple task

I turned my head from your plea

I ignored every time you'd ask

I was drowning in a pool

And spit in your face

Now as I realize the hurt I caused

I am filled with shame and disgrace

I never meant to hurt you

Though it's what I did succeed

Never did I mean to turn you away

And to act so heartless and mean

Big sisters shouldn't be that way

They shouldn't tear apart the younger

They should never cause tears to form

No, not ever

And now I come to you on bended knee

Begging you your forgiveness

And with that a taste of sugar

With just a touch of tartness