You know I exist

Why don't you come to me?

You hear me calling to you

Why don't you call back?

You see me coming for you

Why do you run and hide?

You know I want you

Why do you always turn away?

You hear my footsteps growing louder

Why do you tremble like that?

You see me drawing nearer

Why are you running to others for help?

You know you can't escape me

What's the point in pretending I'm not there?

I'm watching you


Waiting for the perfect moment

To jump on my prey

I will get you

You will be mine

You will obey my every command

And you will give in to everything I say

You will be mine

Once you're in,

You're stuck here for life

You will enjoy the feeling.

Don't even think about leaving.

In a way, this is all just like healing

Healing all the pain.

Why do you whisper my name

Like I'm evil?

Like I'm a bad thing?

Why do you always say

"Cutting, please go away?"