Avathar- A Letonian swordsman and self-proclaimed knight-errant. He is in the service of the salt-merchant Kishmar Casimir.

Amarantine Order- A chivalric order based in Leto. Its origins are a mystery, but in recent years the Amarantines served as a powerful military force in the Imperial Wars, defending the Emperor and the Imperial realms.

Allyanna- The large continent on which that action of the story takes place.

Alba- A coastal region in Southern Hirania, famous for its apples, cider wine, sunny climate, art, and troubadours, including the famous "Poet".

Alemania- A Gautr kingdom in Northeast Allyanna. It ceded from the Empire and joined the Thuleans during the Imperial Wars.

Arpad- A noble Mizrathi warrior of the House of Khan.

Baldwinsilva, or Cynnaswald- The "King's Forest", near the mouth of the River Fars, this was the site of two battles of the Imperial Wars. The old Northric capital of Northricheim was near this forest, however, it was burnt during the events surrounding Chlochilaicus' usurpation of the Northric throne.

Bedouin- A generic term for the nomadic peoples of the Desert of Zin. Many different tribes and families exist. The two major cities in the Desert of Zin, Irem and Enki, are often the hub of their commercial activities. Many bands also visit the marketplaces of Leto.

Beorthelm- King of Wendlia

Bee- A farm girl from Tunbridge. She is engaged to be married to Elwin. She has many siblings.

Catotroatia- A Southern realm. Warm barren climate. It is home to a Troatian people related to the inhabitants of Nufatroatia and Ghamia. Termagant recently invaded Catotroatia when its king refused to worship him as a god.

Casimir, Kishmar- A wealthy, powerful, and fat salt merchant in Leto. His seal is the circle of stars.

Chlochilaicus- He was a Northric prince who usurped his brother King Wodenbras and claimed the throne of Northriclande. This event, along with his establishment of the Thulean Empire was a keyfactor in the beginning of the Imperial Wars.

Dalton Bridge- A bridge over the river Dalton approx. 10 miles away from Tunbridge. This was the site of a small battle during the Imperial Wars, where Asiutus Gravus was killed by a Varyag lancer.

Dalton River- A small tributary of the river Tun in western Letonia.

Dillonia, Isle of- An island south of Hirania. It is a sanctuary protected by several orders of monks. Its location along several trade routes has made it the subject of several invasions. It is also supposedly the place where the legendary hero, Izdubar, was raised as a child.

Djin- A race of ghosts or spirits, which supposedly haunt the Deserts of Zin and lure lost travelers to their doom.

Devalonians, or Devalones- An ancient race of people descended from the now bygone inhabitants of the realm of Devalonia. Most Devalonians live in Hirania and Letonia, though some Bedouin tribes claim to also be Devalonian.

Dosterras- The fortress-city of Dosterras was the capital of the Empire and home of the Emperor for centuries, before it was destroyed by the Thuleans during the Imperial Wars. It was the political and spiritual center of Allyanna.

Dunnog- A Mizrathi warrior of the House of Khan.

Emperor Everborne- The head of the now defunct Empire of Allyanna. His death at the end of the Imperial Wars triggered the dark age which now covers Allyanna.

Enki- A large desert city on the banks of the River Perath, It serves as a trading post and was a rival with Irem for many years, until its people overthrew their sultan and worshipped Termagant as a god.

Farsingham- A great city and castle in Western Northriclande. It sits on a mountain near the source of the River Fars. It was a separate kingdom for many years, until the Northric king Chlochilaicus conquered it and added it to the kingdom of Northricande. Later, he made it the capital of his Thulean Empire.

Fars River- A major northern tributary of the River Perath, which serves as a waterway for the Kingdom of Northriclande.

Folklands- See "Letonia"

Gautr- A northern supertribe that originated in the upper vales of the Rive Perath a few centuries ago.

Ghamia- A large rugged island south of Allyanna. It is populated by a sparse barbarian people who eek a meager existence off the barrent tundra and mountain landscaped. Ots people, as with the Catotroatians and Nufatroatians consider themselves decendants of the ancient Troatians.

Grava, Agatha- An Amarantine knight and daughter of Asiutus Gravus. She fought in the Imperial Wars and married Ingwine Wednesbury after which, she retired from combat andhad two children, Iduna and Elwin Wednesbury. She and her husband died in the terrible events surrounding the death of the Emperor.

Gravus, Asiutus- An Amarantine knight and hero of the Imperial Wars. He was also a poet and philosopher. He served under King Wodenbras of Northriclande and protested strongly to the usurpation of Wodenbras' brother Chlochilaicus. Asiutus Gravus was one of the key people involved in inciting the Emperor to declare war on Chlochilaicus and thus begin the Imperial Wars. Asiutus Gravus was married to Claria of Nernium and had two children Agatha Grava and Letonius Gravus. He died in glory at the Battle of Dalton Bridge when a Varyag lancer pierced him in the chest.

Gravus, Letonius- An Amarantine knight and commander during the Imperial Wars. He took over his fathers duties after his death at Dalton Bridge. Letonius Gravus perished in the terrible events surrounding the death of the Emperor.

Harthan- A realm of several kingdom north of Hirania. This realm was conquered by the Thulean Empire during the Imperial Wars.

Hanardy- A Gautr realm in upper vales of the River Perath. The king of Hanardy joined the Thulean Empire during the Imperial Wars.

Hiddekel- A long river that flows from the Keshmelt Mountains to the Sea of Patea in eastern Allyanna. It serves as an important watersource for the shepherd people of Mizrath.

Hirania- A large and powerful kingdom west of Letonia. It has a large population and is closest culturally to Letonia. Hirania was a loyal supporter of the Emperor during the Imperial Wars, however, it suffered as the biggest theatre of war. This realm is varried and includes alpine hills, large cities, rolling farmland, orchards, vineyards, and subtropical beaches.

Imperial Wars- A major conflict only a decade or so in the past. The Empire of Allyanna became divided when a rogue king seperated and established the "Thulean Empire". The war was truly centuries in the making, but Chlochilaicus' assassination of his older brother King Wodenbras and establishment of the "Thulean Empire" caused several other nations to join this rebel cause. The ensuing war was the largest the continent had seen in millenia, and resulted in the unthinkable death of the Emperor and collapse of the Imperial infrastructure.

Irem- The "City of a Thousand Pillars". Irem is the mightiest city in the deserts of Zin. It is also a powerful seaport and military power.

Izdubar- An ancient hero who was said to have been an immortal. He searched the world for the source of eternal life as his wife grew old, but ultimately failed. After she died, he mourned her for centuries. He is also said to be the legenday founder of the Amarantine Order. Many other tales and legends surround this hero across all the lands of Allyanna.

Jotun Hun- An ancient and impregnable fortress in northeastern Mizrath. It is said that a bygone race of giants built its mighty walls.

Keshmelts Mountains- The high and vast mountain rangs that sperated the warm lands of the south from the bitter northern forests and tundra. The Keshmelt mountains are the source of several large rivers and are also rich in various metal deposites. The Keshmelt Mountains is also home to the alpine kingdom of Wendlia, and other mountain tribes.

Klao-tzu- A powerful Mizrathi clan. The House of Khan is an offshoot of this horde.

Khan- A legendary Mizrathi warrior-king who united Mizrath and founded the House of Khan nearly a century ago.

Khan, House of- Both a literal location and a Mizrathi dynasty. The House of Khan is a mighty camp built on the eastern banks of the Hiddekel in southern Mizrath. It is known as Ger-khan in the language of the Mizrathi.

Leto- A large city of over one million people in south central Letonia on the River Perath. Leto is the most cosmopolitan city of Allyanna attracting immigrants and business from the far reaches of the continent. After the Emperor died, Leto became a cesspool of crime and violence. No single governing body has been able to restore order the city. Despite this, The Amarantine Knights have retained a well-fortified base in their palace-fortress on the southern edge of the city.

Letonia- The large country on either side of the great River Perath extending from the forested upper vales of the Perath, to the sandy stretches of the Desert of Zin. This country is mostly farmland although several large urban centers exist; Leto is the largest of these. Most people from Letonia refer to the rural parts of Letonia as the "Folklands". The northern Folklands were scene of many long bloody battles of the Imperial Wars.

Mizrath- A vast steppe country stretching from the Keshmelts to the Sea of Patea, and from the Deserts of Zin to the Eastern Ocean. It is known for its rough and dry climate and hardy nomadic herding inhabitants. The people of Mizrath are unlike any other race, they live in tight family clans and value courage, wealth, and honor over life itself. The Mizrathi people are ruled by King Mundzuk of the noble House of Khan.

Molmutius- The king of Trinovant.

Mundzuk- The king of Mizrath. Mundzuk is the fifth son of Khan, the founder of the House of Khan.

Mustelo, Zigo- A mercenary in Leto, he is in the service of the salt-merchant Kishmar Casimir.

Naine- A large city just down the River Perath from Leto.

Nufatroatia- A large peninsula in southern Allyanna. It is ruled by many different kings who often war with one another. The people of Nufatroatia claim to be descendents of the lost people of Troatia.

Perath River- The long river, which has its headwaters in the Keshmelt Mountains and flows throw Hanardy, Letonia, the Desert of Zin and into the Sea of Endor. It is the longest water system of the continent of Allyanna.

Rugilas- The son of Mundzuk, king of Mizrath. Rugilas is a merciless warrior and the very image of his grandfather, Khan, the unifier of Mizrath and founder of the noble house of Khan.

Termagant- The mysterious god-king of Irem. Many kings and chieftains have surrendered to him after witnessing his divine power. His involvement in the death of Emperor is a subject of furious debate.

Thule- Rhymes with "truly". This is the mythological homeland of many of the northern peoples of Allyanna. It is said to have existed in the Far North, beyond the sheets of ice where the summers are long and the winters are comfortable. Whether of not such a place actually existed is a subject of much debate.

Thulean Empire- The "Empire" founded by Northric King Chlochilaicus as a rival to the Empire of Allyanna. Many of the northern realms either joined or fell to Chlochilaicus' armies. The rise and collapse of the Thulean Empire was the action of the Imperial Wars.

Trinovant- A great city built into the western cliffs of Seaward Mountains. It is a powerful trading center and military presence. Although geographically linked with Hirania, Trinovant is an independent kingdom with its own king, King Molmutius, who was a good friend and ally to the Emperor during the Imperial Wars.

Varyagia- A kingdom north of the Keshmelt mountains on the coast of the Eastern Ocean. The Varyags have long been enemies of the Wendels and joined the Thulean Empire during the Imperial Wars to gain the funds to launch a full invasion. The Varyags are known for being ruthless fighters and savage barbarians and pirates.

Wednesbury, Iduna- Amarantine knight and daughter of Ingwine Wednesbury and Agatha Grava Wednesbury. When the story begins, she is just returning to Leto from Trinovant.

Wednesbury, Ingwine- An Amarantine knight and former knight of King Wodenbras of Northriclande. He fought in the Imperial Wars along with his future wife, Agatha Grava. He retired from the war after they married and helped raise his two children Iduna and Elwin until he and Agatha died in the tragic events that surrounded the death of the Emperor.

Wednesbury, Elwin- The son of Ingwine Wednesbury and Agatha Grava Wednesbury. When his parents died, Iduna took young Elwin to live with a family friend in the town of Tunbridge. He has lived there ever since in relative peace and quiet.

Wendlia- An alpine Gautr Kingdom in the Keshmelt Mountains. Although the Wendels of Wendlia have long been recluse, they were fierce allies of the Emperor during the Imperial Wars. The hardy mountain folk of Wendlia are known for their immense size and strength.

Zin, Deserts of- A large sandy desert inhabited by Bedouins. It is named for the Zin the goddess of the moon.