Softly the whispers are echoing

Undisturbed, continuously flowing

For the abandoned heart alone

Surpass that one stepping stone

No one will turn back

To the dark and murky black

Ripples that fade so slow

Evanescence, nothing to know…

Gentle bead, tiny drop

Eternally, never to stop

Tears that are endless

Fallen, ever so painless

Under the surface so clear

Broken wishes so far, so near

Follow each turn and choice

Quiet trickles, silent voice

Each breathe into the night

Muffled weeping in the moonlight

Reaching out, touch, simple heart

Shattered and torn apart

Sweet but forbidden dreams

Vanishing away, are drifting streams

Hope lingers, flowing to the end

Waiting, for no light, going around the bend.


May 20, 2005



A/N: I was reluctant to post this, but.... Anyhow, thanks to everyone who have gave me the strength to write on, and for those of you who know me, i can't thank you enough for being there to support my writing. But, as it is, my recent decision does notrelate from anonymous flamers, or from some odd mood swings.I have my reason, and that is how it's going to be. This poem will be my final post on fp, should there be a change, those who have me on alert, will know. Any how.... This poem might be removed later.... So, i'll still be reading around.... thanks for reading.

Rock on y'all!