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Soap on a Rope

Chapter 1: Another Shower Another Job

Another day...another job. Whatever. It's not like I care or anything. Not like I've ever cared. That would be funny if I was actually offended, but that would also be stupid too. Someone like me doesn't get offended. It's money. That's all that's important. Silly morals just get in the way.

The other boys had left the showers already. I had actually come in later that period for a very special reason. Showers were required for gym class, but again, I don't care. Not like it was a problem for me to be naked in front of other boys. Not like I'd never done it before. In fact, it was natural. But today was special. Very special.

You know, a little side note, I'm surprised that they let me shower with other boys. Considering everyone in the school has to know I'm gay by now. The rumors that have been spread about me are impossible to count. I think that one day, I should just go around and collect them all to composite into a book, but I don't think I'll ever care that much. But it was true. I did like boys...a lot. And I enjoy showering with them too. Though to say, I never quite get off looking at other guys shower. I don't think I've ever gotten a boner from watching another guy bathe himself in school. That just didn't please me, but you know, it was still pleasant.

As I've said, today was special from most days. I was taking a shower later for other reasons. I went in with a bar of pink soap in my hand. I had removed my towel and thrown it outside the shower to keep it from getting wet. I'd definitely need it after this. I proceeded to turn the handle for the shower. There was nothing to divide the different shower heads, so it was basically open. Again, I didn't mind, but not every boy was comfortable with that.

The hot water began to pour from the head and it actually felt wonderful. This was the only time I had to take to a hot shower and it was what I usually waited for everyday. I let it run over my dark hair as my hair became plastered over my brow. The water traveled down my slender body, like little fingertips tracing me. It felt nice, so gentle.

But my thoughts were interrupted by clammy footsteps from behind me. I tensed up a little, but just out of habit. I knew who it was and I knew how this would go. So I smiled to myself as I just relaxed myself. I'd have to be relaxed for this one.

I felt a presence behind me, much taller and built. I can tell you who it is already. His name is Bret Manfield of the our high school football team. A jock of all sorts really. He was selected quarterback this year which I found very funny. But I should not be one to judge. He was cute in a typical sense, but also kind of stupid. But that's what you get for skipping classes and taking steroids.

I felt him hesitate. I was almost annoyed because I wanted to finish my shower and get this over with. But he wouldn't budge. I really do hate making the first move mainly because I feel so cheap doing it. But in order for this to get over with in time, I had little choice. I gripped the pink soap in my hands as the lather it had acquired caused it to slip from my grip. I smiled. Bret seemed to notice as well as he saw the bar of soap fall right in front of me. Just as I had planned.

I grinned widely as I bent over to pick it up. I know that sounds taboo and all, but right now, it was just what we both needed. I stayed bent over for a few seconds until I felt him take action.

I guess I should be used to this now, but even today, it always hurts when they decide to thrust in without any lube. I bit my lower lip in pain as he jammed himself into my most sensitive area. But I let him do what he pleased. Not like I cared anymore. He was actually more gentle than some people I met.

He placed his hands on top of my hips as he vigorously rocked back and forth. I sighed, wondering how long it would take him. He ran one muscular hand up my back, but I was uninterested. I Just began tracing the tiles on the shower floor to pass the time. I could hear him panting though. I could tell he was enjoying it. He was excited and had probably been horny for a while now. He kept pounding as hard as he could and I found it irritating. You think he could put some style into it, but no...never thinking about others. But what could I expect from a novice like him. How boring.

He began to grunt through his teeth as he was in full overdrive. He began to let out gasps and moans. I smiled because I knew this was my favorite part. The only part that made me a tiny bit excited.

"I'm...cumming..." Bret muttered through his gasps. Hurray...just like I trained him.

I took action and unsheathed him from myself as I could feel his dazed look. It felt nice to be relieved of that tiny intrusion. I got to my knees and grabbed his length in my hands as his face was colored with shock. I smiled as I began to stroke it. He let his head fall back as he let out a loud groan. His sperm leaped from his head as it felt onto the shower floor and across my hand. The water that still flowed washed away his semen from sight.

"Happy now?" I said smugly.

"Yeah...much better." He smiled at me as I removed my hand from him and picked up my soap for real this time.

"Did you do as I told you?" I asked him turning back to my shower.

"In your back pocket right...I did." He replied, feeling uneasy now.

"Good. Now if you don't mind, just leave me alone for a while." I shooed him away as he almost seemed to skip out of the shower.

What an idiot. It's guys like that that make my job troublesome. But as long as it pays me, I'm okay with it.

I let the shower wash over my body again. I lathered up my soap and began to scrub my skin. I rinsed the soap from myself and lathered up again. I repeated this six times before I felt done. It didn't matter though, because no matter how many times I washed myself, I could never get clean.